How to Use Open Source Remote Control Software

Remote control software allows applications from one computer to be run remotely on a server while being displayed at the local location. There are many types of remote control software , all of which have different features. Allowing remote access to a computer makes the transfer of data from one location to another a much simpler process. There are several benefits to PC Remote Access including allowing employees to work from home or sending information to an employee when they are on a business trip. Open source remote control software is used through the internet or another network and requires no software to be downloaded.

How it Works

Remote Control Software works by using the computer as a control. The software on the computer will transmit mouse and keyboard movements to the computer, which is being accessed. These processes are received by the remote computer as if they were being performed directly at the specific computer. Simply put, a person will be in one location using a specific computer, from their location they will access a computer that is located somewhere else such as their home. They will then be able to transmit data from the computer at home to the computer they are currently working on.


Remote administration is the main use of remote control software, but it can also be used for computers that do not have their own monitor or “headless” computers. Instead of purchasing monitors for each computer, a company could attach a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to one computer and use remote control software to work from other computers without these accessories. Remote control software is also used by businesses to troubleshoot computers. If a person is having an issue with their internet service or any other aspect of their computer they can call a helpline and the professionals will be able to use this software to establish Remote Access tothe computer and to help solve the problem.

Types of Open Source Remote Control Software

There are several different choices when it comes to remote control software. Some of the top choices include GoToMyPc, LogMeIn, Crossloop, Proxy Networks, and UltraVNC. Each of these programs offers their own unique features. When choosing a remote control software a person should list out the exact features that they desire. This will help compare the differences between each of the choices. Most of these companies will offer a free trial period, which should be taken advantage of. Some remote control software is free to use and will only require registration. The type of software that is chosen should be based specifically on your needs.

Using remote control software has many advantages. No matter what the reason for using this type of software, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider what your needs are and what features are being looked for in a product. Next, consider the price of the open source software if necessary create a budget. Safety is important as allowing access to your data by anyone can be extremely dangerous. It is important to install and update all safety features as they become available. 

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