How Yahoo Unveiled Axis Browser for Apple’s IOS

On Wednesday, Yahoo Inc., one of the largest websites in the United States, launched a browser for Apple’s mobile devices called Axis. The browser simplifies searches on mobile devices as the company looks for new ways to woo users.

The new software is designed to let users move between their devices and look at the same searches so they don’t have to leave the page they’re on while still interacting with query results.

According to sources, Axis is an app currently available for or Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad and on desktops as an add-on to established browsers like Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

On the desktop, Axis’ search bar appears in the bottom left corner of the browser window, allowing people to keep using whatever browser they like, sources added.

“We’ve been hard at work making the next big step in search and changing the landscape of search,” said Shashi Seth, a senior vice president in charge of search products at Yahoo. “This product clearly will demonstrate that.”

Yahoo is one of the big three leaders of the web search: Google, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo Search.

According to sources, Google controls about 64 percent of the search market. Yahoo has 16 percent of the search market. Microsoft’s Bing controls 14 percent of market.

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