How to Use Remote Desktop Software

In order to have remote access to a computer, you will first need to purchase remote desktop software. This software allows you to remotely connect to other computers that are connected to the Internet. With this type of software, it doesn’t matter where the user is located; he/she can still access his/her files on any file that the software is installed on. You could be in the U.S. and have remote access to a computer in Australia. All that matters is that you have the necessary PC remote access software on each computer. This article will explain how to use PC remote access software.

PC Remote Access Software is extremely versatile, and it can be used for all sorts of purposes. Maybe you’re on a business trip and need to access a document that is on your computer at home. Or maybe you’re a freelance technician who offers help to those who need some troubleshooting assistance. In either scenario, Remote Desktop Software can be used. Below are the necessary steps to using remote desktop software successfully:

1) Enable remote desktop on the host computer – Before anyone can use remote desktop software, the service has to be enabled within the computer’s Control Panel. By going to Control Panel and clicking the System tab, you will see a Remote Menu tab that will give you the option to let another user remotely connect to your machine. You will want to ensure that this option is enabled, or a connection won’t be made.

2) Enable remote desktop on the target computer The same should be done on the target computer as well through the same method. This way the necessary ports are opened so that the computers can be connected to use Remote Access.

3) Create a remote desktop connectionOnce each computer is enabled to allow remote connection, you can create the remote desktop connection. To do this you can use the remote desktop connection icon and enter the name of the computer you are connecting to. Usually this is the IP address of the target computer. After a few seconds the connection will be made once each computer accepts the connection. During this step you may want to set up a username and password to ensure the connection is secure.

4) Take remote controlWhen connected, you will be able to see the target computer’s screen, but you won’t be able to do anything until the target computer grants you full remote control. The target computer user can at anytime end the connection and gain full control again.

5) Get the task done – Once you have full remote control over the target computer, you can do whatever task you have at hand. With remote control you have entire control over the mouse and the target computer’s screen. It will appear that you are controlling your own computer. When you have a steady connection, you can easily complete the task you need to do, whether it is to fix a computer or to access certain information.

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