How to Use PC Remote Access Software to Provide Tech Support

There are various uses for PC Remote Access Software. These programs are commonly used by individuals and businesses to share information, collaborate on work, retrieve data from a remote system and provide remote technical assistance. The last use mentioned is one that is gaining a lot of popularity among users of PC remote access software, due to the fact that it makes providing assistance a lot easier than providing instructions by email or over the phone.


Can Remote Desktop Software always be useful in providing remote technical support? Not in all always. Before you try to use this tool for this purpose you need to know if the remote system is able to boot properly and able to run software as well as connect to the internet. Here is how you can use remote desktop software to help another user with computer problems:


  • Install the program on your own computer


You will need to get the software installed on your own computer, since it will allow you to control the other PC remotely. Remote Access software can be purchased in a store, or bought online and downloaded onto your PC. Remote desktop programs for personal and small business use are not expensive and you can often find freeware or free limited-trial versions.


  • Install software on remote computer


Remote access software has two parts. One is a “client” part, which is for the “home” computer that will be doing the tech support. The other part is for the “server”, used on the remote computer, which is the one being fixed remotely. You will need to figure out a way to have the software also installed on the other computer. This can be done by sending an email with the download link, or by sending the software as an attachment.


  • Connect to the remote PC


Once the software is running on both computers, you should be able to connect remotely to the other system. The exact way this is done will vary depending on which software you use, but an instruction guide or online help system is always provided to help you with the installation.


  • Make necessary repairs and adjustments on the remote PC


Once you are connected, you will be able to see the computer you are controlling. You have full access to the desktop and are also able to install and run software on it, such as diagnostic tools and malware removal programs. Take note that if you have to restart the remote system, you will need to reestablish the connection between the two systems.

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