How to Use Mouse Gestures

Mouse gestures are a combination of mouse-pointing movements and clicks which the computer’s software recognizes as a specific command. Many users find using mouse gestures a great way to simplify tasks and a way to speed things up.


1. Get an operating system that supports mouse gestures. These are:

  • Windows (Strokeit, gMote)
  • Linux (Easystroke).
2. Install application software that supports mouse gestures. The applications supporting mouse gestures are:

  • Opera
  • Mouse Gestures Redox (Firefox).
  • Mouse Stroke (Chrome)

3. Turn mouse gestures on.

  • In Opera, go to Tools, Preferences, Advanced, Shortcuts, and click on “Enable Mouse Gestures”. OR Perform any gesture and Opera will ask you to turn gestures on.
  • In Firefox, go to Tools, Add-ons, Extensions and double-click “Mouse Gestures”.
  • In Chrome, go to Customize, Extensions, Mouse Stroke, and click “Enable”.

4. Set up mouse gestures. LMB means Left Mouse Button and RMB means Right Mouse Button.

  • In Opera click Opera Standard and click Edit.
  • In Firefox, open the sidebar to see which gestures are available: View, sidebar, and click on Mouse Gestures.
  • In Chrome, click “Options.”

5. Use mouse gestures.

  • RMB and move to the left goes back.
  • RMB and move to the right goes forward.
  • RMB and move up then down to refresh.
  • RMB and move up then right maximises.
  • RMB and move down then left minimises.
  • RMB and move down opens new window or link in new window.
  • RMB and move down then right closes.
  • Easy to visualize examples of Opera gestures:
  • Memorize them just by using them. Remember you don’t need to know all of them. Start with back and forward.

Things You’ll Need

  • Applicable operating system
  • Applicable application
  • Mouse

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