How to Set Up a Google Personalized Homepage

The Google personalized homepage enables you to use as your homepage, and include sources of information and entertainment from around the web on it. Here are some instructions on how to set up your Google personalized homepage.


1. Set your browser to the Google Personalized Homepage page.

2. Recognize that the default personalized home page is fairly generic, but fortunately can be easily changed to something interesting to you. You can click “Select theme” on the right side of the page. Once you click it, you’ll see a several different themes. Click the one you like best and save it. You can then enter your zip code/hometown to make the pictures and colors change throughout the day according to local sunrise and sunset times.

3. You should see a title under the Google search box and buttons saying “Welcome to your Google homepage. Make it your own.” Click on Make it Your Own to access some of the exciting things you can add to your homepage.

4. Choose from feeds in the news, tools, communication, etc. categories on the left of the page by clicking on the appropriate word.

5. Click on the add now button below the wanted feature. After you have added all the features you wish to add, click on the Back to homepage link in the top left hand corner.

6. Now comes the time for personalization. For example, we can change the weather report from “Happy, Texas” to your real location or locations by pressing edit in the blue bar above the weather. Then enter your desired location and press add. Finally un-check the box for “Happy, TX” and press save.

7. When you see a gadget that you want to add onto your personalized page, click the add it now button under the gadget you want. A pop-up may appear that says: “You are about to add a feature that was not created by Google. Preference settings and other information you enter in order to use this feature may be available to the feature’s provider. Do you wish to continue?” It will give you two options, OK and cancel. If you click OK, it will say ‘added’ with a check-mark in front of it. If you click cancel, you will be put back to the list of gadgets.

8. You can also change the number of headlines for each feed by clicking edit and then grabbing the drop down menu. The image shows changing the number of eHow headlines from the default 3 to 4.

9. Finally, you can arrange your page by dragging your content modules to the location and order that suits you. Delete the default modules that you don’t want by clicking on the x above each module. Mix and repeat till satisfied.


  • If you wish to further customize your homepage, you can manually add your own RSS feed by clicking the add more to your homepage, and then clicking on the Add by URL button beside the search bar. In the space provided, enter the web address of the RSS feed.
  • Sign in to your account. Otherwise, all of the content and settings will be erased once your cookies are deleted.
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