How to: PC Remote Access Installation Tips

Remote access to your PC can be very beneficial. PC Remote Access allows you to connect to another PC from any location. If you are at work and need information that is stored on your home computer, remote access allows you to access this information. In order to use a Remote Control Software application you must be logged in as the system administrator for the computer you are trying to access. Installing PC remote access is not difficult and requires just a few steps.

Requirements for Using PC Remote Access Programs

There are a few basic requirements your computer must have in order to run a Remote Access program, a high-speed internet connection is recommended as you need a steady connection in order to run this type of program. In addition, a router that supports port forwarding is necessary as well. There are several types of these routers, be sure that it has firewall protection to keep out hackers. If using a DSL connection it is important to create an account with DynDNS.

Getting Started

The first step will be to determine your router’s capabilities. If you are using a router that allows the forwarding of IP addresses and will update dynamic domain services, you will be able to easily use a remote desktop application. If your router supports DynDNS you will need to create an account on their website. You will use the computer that you wish to connect to and create a username and password. You will then add a new host and create a name for it.

Permitting Remote Desktop Use

The next step will be to set up your computer to permit remote access. To begin you will right-click on “my computer” and select properties. You will then simply check the box that says, allow users to connect remotely. This will enable PC remote access. In addition, you will need to have a password set up for your Windows account, if you do not currently have a password you will need to create one through the control panel on your computer.

PC Remote Access Tips

When setting up your PC for remote access it is important to take precautions. Firewalls are extremely important as allowing access to anyone can be dangerous. Check for updated safety features on a regular basis. It is also important to change your passwords on a regular basis as well. The security features of remote access applications are only as good as the person who is using them. If you are unsure of the setup of your program it is recommended to talk to someone who works with computers.

Setting up a home or office computer to be accessed remotely is not difficult. However, if the proper steps are not taken it can leave your computer open to hackers. Using precautions and a few simple steps, most people will be able to set up a program that allows them to retrieve information from any computer they use on a regular basis.

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