How to: PC Remote Access Buying Guide

PC remote access will allow you to get real time updates and access to your computer whenever you need it, and wherever you may be. Have you experienced those times when you had to attend an out-of-state conference (or something similar) and someone needs access to an extremely valuable document that is locked away in your office desktop? With the help of remote control software, you can get all the documents or files you need from your computer while basking yourself under the sun and sipping on a martini thousands of miles away, or even from just across the street. Now you don’t need to be physically present at your desktop for you to get all of the files you need.

The latest technological innovations have now given way for various remote access solutions that will make the recently provided scenario happen in real life. There are numerous options nowadays that will enable you to access your desktop even when you are in a distant location. Software and applications such as this allows its users to connect with their desktops and enjoy access to their stored data, documents, and files, without being physically present. Spare yourself from all the hassle of USB use. Now you won’t have to feel away from the office or your business, even when you are on a Caribbean vacation in a different part of the world. A remote access application is something that every business should have to enhance productivity, regardless of the company’s size.

Most remote control software requires a certain TCP port that needs to be opened inside of your router and then directed to your desktop server for the remote control application to function effectively. The addition of this port rule in the firewall or router is not complicated; an inappropriate port forwarding rule may not ruin the router, however, it can possibly interrupt the efficiency of the software, and lead to a certain degree of frustration. You might want ask for help from a computer specialist to spare yourself from the headache of this complicated work.

Before purchasing your very own PC remote access app, here are some important factors that you need to consider:

  • Make sure the technology you are about to purchase is compatible with your current operating system. Most of these software applications are compatible with Windows, but there are others that have reduced functionality when installed in other OS types. Review your software’s platform before purchasing, and select something that is compatible with the computers on which you will install the application.
  • Choose an application with a stronger security feature, and that adheres to your own file safety standards. Many paid subscriptions provide the same security levels on their servers. Home PCs may not require a very strong security application unless it is used in your home office.
  • Know the type of access you want to utilize while remotely accessing your desktop. There are software applications that will allow you to remotely access your PC with any web browser, and there are others that use a form of desktop client. The web browser offers convenience and universality, since you can open it using any computer that has internet access. On the other hand, desktop access usually offers better functionality, but may not work on non-Windows operated computers.

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