How to Monitor You Kids or Teens Cell Phone

Are your Kids or Teens misusing their Mobile Phone and if so how do you know? Cell phone are directly responsible for the injury and death of hundreds of teens daily because of distracted driving. Sending or recieving texts and/or phone calls while driving are just two of the many risks to kids with cell phones. How important do you think it might be to at monitor, if not be able to control, your kids mobile device? A cell phone application that monitors as well as lets you control you childs cell phone gives you more knowledge AND control about your kids life and safety.


  1. First you need to make sure your child or teens cell phone is compatible with a cell phone monitoring and control application specifically designed with monitoring children in mind. There is really only one called phone sheriff at At the top of the page you will see a -compatible phones- link. Click on that and you will be presented with a list of every single cell phone compatible with phonesheriff mobile monitor.
  2. If your childs phone is in the list purchase phonesheriff. It is $49 for a year. You will be able to see every single call, text message, and email they send and receive with their mobile phone as well as see their exact physical location. In addition you will be able to control their phone in multiple ways.
  3. After joining log in to the members area as this is where you can set numerous controls and rules for you child or teen cell phone. phonesheriff has fantastic technical support and even a live person you can talk with on the phone M-F 9am-5pm


If you choose to use the features of phonesheriff that let you control your teens or child phone they will know something has been installed. This can be advantageous because if they know something has been installed they might behave better. You will have to decide for yourself if you choose to keep phonesheriff a secret or not.

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