How to Know if Your PC is Remote Access Capable

Determining if your PC is remote access capable is as simple as determining if you have an internet connection. Is your pc remote access capable? Hint: if you have internet access on your PC, then yes it is!

The days of a floppy disc or flash drive are gone with the advent of PC remote access. Now, companies and individuals can use remote access software to work from multiple workstations and locations anywhere in the world. With remote access, employees can collaborate on projects, telecommute, and utilize shared files and programs. Several technologies can be used to enable access, ranging from a shared file system standard commonly found on most computers, to a dedicated software package.

What is PC Remote Access?

PC Remote Access is the ability to access files from a remote location using the internet. It allows all files and programs to be used from any computer connected to the network. Remote access is usually encrypted and secure, and can also allow a third party to connect to your computer to diagnose and repair problems. This software can also be used to teleconference or synchronize files, saving companies time and money

Important Considerations for PC Remote Access

A computer should have internet access and enough memory to use the software program for PC remote access. There are many multi-platform Remote Control Software packages available that allow remote viewing from most operating systems. Some programs are free, while others charge a licensing fee per computer system. Remote access programs should use an authentication process to protect users from unauthorized access. If sensitive data is being sent, an encrypted program should also be used.

Installing Remote Access

Determine which software is the best fit, has the required security capabilities, meets budget constraints, and has the ability to transfer necessary files. After this is complete, install a remote login host and client on all computers that are needed. Workers should then be able to login to the system from a remote location using password technology. A smart key can provide additional security by requiring a security code to be entered when accessing the system. Configuring the system may take some time depending on the scope of the project and the software used. However, securing your connection is of utmost importance, especially if you will be accessing sensitive data through your connection, so take special care to ensure that your system is secure during this step.

Operating System Limitations

Most operating systems before Windows 2003 do not have the ability to use remote access built-in. Prior operating systems may be used to connect using a Remote Access computer system, but to connect to an earlier operating system, commercial software is needed. Only someone with administrator privileges can set-up remote access, and the machine must be password protected. Also, if there is a firewall running, it will need to be opened in order to use a remote desktop connection.

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