How to Distinguish Between Attended and Unattended Remote Software

Software that deals with remote access enables a user to connect remotely with another computer as an administrator to take control of all functions and mouse movements. The first two categories of this type of software are attended and unattended remote software packages. The differences between them are the focus of this article.

There are two main types of remote desktop software you can purchase for your business needs. Those that are attended and unattended. The attended types of software are those that need a user present at the target machine to allow the remote connection to fix a problem of some kind. This is the type that is used by a lot of help desks when trying to sort out computer issues within the company. Unattended PC remote access software is where you do not need a user to allow entry. This can be done through the connection as long as the remote access software is installed on both sides of the connection. Each has its own merits and uses. A company may choose to use either depending on their specific needs. Whereas most helpdesks uses the attended version, the unattended one is used mainly for employees wanting to access their own files on their work machine.

This type of software is generally operated by installing a program that acts in a similar way to a server on the host computer, where you will connect from. It then runs an application on the other machine that connects and uses authentication and encryption to connect remotely to the target machine. Finally, windows remote desktop software will run on any computer which has Windows 98 and upwards. It is perfect for solving computer programs and remote support and training. There are many brands of these programs out there and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you.

One of the original software programs dedicated to remote access was VNC and there have been numerous programs since that are slight deviations of this. From the list of variants, UltraVNC is one of the more popular free options. It has good support and a good forum in which to gleam information from other users. Additionally this product has a fantastic encryption plug-in. This program is a package that allows remote control of another computer using any TCP connection. It can work with most operating system. It offers many features and is free and reliable which is an added bonus. It has auto-configuration and a simple user interface and a wide range of hotkeys. It is perfect for accessing your home computer while traveling about and can be run attended or unattended.

CrossLoop is another software program that makes it easy to gain remote control with another computer anywhere. It is easy to install on your computer and also have someone put it on the other machine you want to access. However, it is at it best when the computer is attended and not unattended. But it is still a very good remote software program for your needs.

Then there is LogMeIn which is a service that is based on the web and is a commercial remote tool. Whichever program you need for you business there is going to be one out there for you to choose from the free options.

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