How to Access Your Files Remotely

If you want remote access to your files, there are a few solutions available for you. Here are some examples.

One of the main reasons why people use PC remote controltools is because it gives them easy access to files that are stored remotely. This makes it unnecessary to copy documents and files such as pictures and video to different devices, or carry external storage devices such as USB sticks, flash memory cards or external hard drives. For anyone that wants to have access to their files from any device, there are some solutions available, depending on their needs.

  • Home or small office networking solutions

This is one of the simplest forms of remote control software. Here, the files are stored on different devices that are linked to a local area network. Sometimes, one PC is used as a main server that stores all of the files and which all other remote devices in the location connect to. This setup is popular with home users that want to watch movies, or listen to music from various network enabled devices in their homes. It can also be useful in small offices where documents need to be shared within the office; however remote access through the internet is not needed.

  • Cloud based remote storage

If you need basic access to your files without needing full remote control softwareto run applications from a remote server, then this is an interesting solution. There are many free services such as Microsoft’s SkyDrive which allow a user to store files on a remote cloud server and then access them from many different devices, such as regular desktop and laptop PCs, as well as smart phones and tablets. For those who need more power and security, there are also some paid cloud storage services available for them.

  • Remote control softwareprograms

These software solutions let a PC be accessible through the internet. One of the main advantages of this kind of software is that it can do a lot more than simply store files and documents. The user can fully control the desktop of the remote system and run software programs on the remote system just like they would be sitting at the remote computer. This is useful for those who want access to specific applications from another PC without having to install the software on that PC, or on a mobile device that would normally not be compatible with that program. However, it should be known that as the PC will be acting as a server, it will need to have a reliable, high bandwidth internet connection and would need to be left on at all times when the remote control software is used.

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