How Microsoft Unveiled Release Preview version of Windows 8

On Thursday, Microsoft released the most recent official pre-release version of Windows 8 – Release Preview.

According to sources, Windows 8 will employ a new user interface based on Microsoft’s Metro design language.

The Metro environment will feature a new tile-based Start screen similar to the Windows Phone operating system. Each tile will represent an application, and will be able to display relevant information such as the number of unread messages on the tile for an e-mail app or the current temperature on a weather application.

Metro-style applications run in full-screen, and are able to share information between each other using contracts. They will be available only through Windows Store.

Metro-style apps are developed with the new Windows Runtime platform using various programming languages.

The upgrade program will run from June 2, 2012, to Jan. 31, 2013. According to Microsoft, consumers who purchase an eligible Windows 7 PC may upgrade to Win 8 Pro for $14.99 until the end of February 2013.

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