How do you think Is it too late for BlackBerry to make a comeback?

Almost everyone who used to own a BlackBerry has switched to iPhone, Samsung or other smart-phone. Even companies who have invested in BlackBerry are trying to make a switch to the iPhone 4. RIM just announced the release date of its new BlackBerry model, BlackBerry 10, which will be January 30th. RIM is trying to make a comeback and regain some of the market power it used to have, but do you think it is too late for a comeback?

BlackBerry has been working on creating features that will improve user experience and incent users to convert back to a BlackBerry. The device will run on a new operating system, which is good news since the last operating system would consistently have tweaks and failures. Some of the improvements include the BlackBerry Hub, an inbox that stores emails, texts, calendar events and BlackBerry Messenger. Also, the predictive text, which is rumored to revolutionized the typing on mobile devices and active frames, which are small customizable widgets on the home screen. For the camara, it has a green focus box, in case the automated focus tool isn’t working and has a time shift picture mode, which can snap a bunch of pictures and create a menu where you can scroll to see the shots. Finally, BlackBerry is FIPS Approved, which means that it can be used by government agencies.

Personally, I don’t believe the improvements are enough to get users to convert back to BlackBerry.

The Smart-phone industry is highly competitive and new phones need to be revolutionizing and offer something new. Also, the launch date isn’t beneficial, since most will do their shopping during the holidays. Only time will tell if the new features and improvements will be enough for BlackBerry to survive.

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