How Could Flashback Authors Make $10.000 a Day?

Symantec, the largest maker of security software for computer, announced on Tuesday that the Flashback Trojan, which is infecting hundreds of thousands of Mac computers, could make at least $10,000 a day from click fraud.

Click fraud is a common component of Windows malware. Symantec said each click generates 0.08 cents for the attackers.

Security software company said the Flashback authors could be making up $10,000 a day from click fraud.

According to the Russian antivirus company Dr. Web, a modified version of the “BackDoor.Flashback.39″ variant of the Flashback Trojan infected at least 600,000 Mac computers, forming a botnet that includes 274 bots located in Cupertino, California, the location of the headquarters of Apple Inc.


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