How to Save a Doctor’s Laptop with Remote Access Software

If you have ever been reluctant to set up your computer for remote access, then read this story. It outlines the benefits of making sure you, or someone you know, can gain access to a computer when it’s needed the most. This doctor would have lost not only his laptop, but the important data stored on it if it wasn’t for the knowledge of his friend and the software he had installed.

A retired doctor from South Cerney in the United Kingdom recently found out first hand about the benefits of having his computer programmed for remote access. During a trip to the country’s capital of London, the doctor was horrified to discover that his laptop had been stolen from his car. Despite a detailed police investigation, neither the laptop nor the person responsible for taking it, were able to be traced, leaving the doctor high and dry.

But just a few weeks prior to the unfortunate incident, the doctor had agreed to let his friend Mr. David Spencer, an IT expert, also from South Cerney, install PC remote control software onto his laptop, on the off chance that it would someday be needed for repairs, etc. This meant that Mr. Spencer would be able to gain access to the computer at any time from his own computer.

After a few weeks had passed, leaving little hope for the return of the stolen laptop, Mr. Spencer used the remote desktop software to gain access to the laptop, only to discover, to his amazement, that it was actually being used at that precise moment in time. At a glance he could see exactly what the user was doing on the laptop, from browsing the internet, using social media sites and even sending emails. And the user was completely unaware that he was being watched.

Mr. Spencer stated that he was really excited when he saw the mouse moving on the doctor’s laptop, and further added that he quickly sent the user an email informing them that the laptop they were using was a stolen one, and that they needed to return it immediately. Mr. Spencer also went on to say that he thinks that he probably scared the life out of the person using the laptop, because at one point he was able to completely freeze the computer, open up a blank document and proceed to start typing to the user, actually having a conversation with him.

When the person told Mr. Spencer that he had bought the laptop off someone for a couple of hundred pounds and was unaware that it had been stolen from someone, he was told to take it to the police station and hand it in, which he promptly did.

The doctor who owned the laptop was understandably relieved when the laptop was returned to him, as important personal and work related data and information was stored on it, and he couldn’t thank his friend enough for his help in getting the computer back.

Mr. Spencer was quite rightly proud of the achievement, saying that even though the police were unable to do anything it did not stop him from turning cyber detective and successfully recovering the doctor’s computer. He said that he had had quite an adrenaline rush when he realized that he would be able to solve the mystery and help his friend get his property back.

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