Remote desktop software has gained popularity over the past few years. Companies can gain an advantage by using this software, since their employees can work from the comforts of their own home.

Remote Desktop Software is today’s solution to different scenarios where you need to use PC remote access to get hold of data, email and other important information. Having this software installed on your computer will allow you to perform activities as if you are actually sitting in front of the computer. You can access all programs and files stored on the connected computer, and basically perform any action needed. Using Remote Access Software will give you a remote assistance solution for your clients and employees, for easier and real-time updating and troubleshooting. Imagine how helpful to you and your business this software could be; it can give you advantages over other businesses, since you can be more efficient and faster in troubleshooting any issues.

Making life easier

Remote Access has been increasing in popularity over the past few years because of its ability to give users direct connections to different computers all across the globe. Smartphones can now also utilize the software, so that they can log-in to a system for accessing files and different programs, and to provide technical support, exchange ideas, and give demonstrations. This type of software gained even more popularity when the iPad was released. Faster internet connections, and the availability of 3G and 4G connections made it more accessible and easier for the average users to use the program.

Working at home

Telecommuters, or employees who work from their home, can take advantage of this program, since it can give them access to their work station in the office. The only obstacle that they need to overcome is the need for approval for connection to a work-based machine so that they can access to their files, programs, different applications, and internal network items. By using a remote control program, they can gain access to needed data, and log in to a machine that can give them a visual representation of their work station’s monitor.

Used by many companies

Remote access software is used by most companies to set-up computer ‘virtualization’, where a single computer hosts all the software employees will need to gain access to. Employees will only be given limited access because they will only be issued with basic computers equipped with minimum performance hardware. The only hardware they will need is a basic processor, minimal RAM, and of course, a high speed internet connection. Instead of buying, installing, and updating software to a big network of computers, a single and powerful machine is loaded with the needed software. This will help the company save a significant amount of money, since they don’t have to buy multiple software packages for all the computers. It can also save man hours since there is no need for an IT professional to control the software by going from one machine to the other, just to simply update and configure new software. Security is also no longer an issue, since the users are not allowed to reconfigure and get pass through security protocols; the central machine will be the one to set their access to the company’s file and internal server.

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