How to Be a Knowledgable Baseball Fan

This article will teach you how to be the expert that always knows what is going on in baseball.


  1. Don’t listen to the “professionals.” These guys are not always the best source. There are 1200 players that professionals need to know about plus all of the coaches, umpires, and we can’t forget prospects.
  2. Do it yourself. There are no shortcuts in learning anything else so why should there be one for baseball? If you have a question, go on or and look it up. There are plenty of other good sites to get info. If you Google “cotts baseball contracts” then you will get a blog listing every single contract in the major leagues.
  3. Learn the stars. Like I said before, it is impossible to know everything. So don’t try to act like you do. Read headlines and if a pitcher threw a complete game, look up his stats. Don’t rely on what ESPN tells you because they usually take one or two misleading stats when you could just look it up and see a trend.
  4. Join a forum. If you are on a forum then you will increase your baseball knowledge like magic. Take note of the posters who are smart and always read what they say if you come across it. Also take note of who to ignore. Also contribute to the conversations! How can you learn if you don’t ask questions?
  5. Don’t get too emotional. When you are a fan of a team, you want every call to go your way, but you must realize that they won’t all go your way and you have to recognize good plays against you. Also, don’t get too negative about your own team. Nothing is more annoying than a fan that trashes his own team.
  6. Be realistic. This is the most important thing of all. You need to be more patient with players. You can’t simply expect your team to demote or trade somebody because they are a bust. You can’t expect your team to sign a first baseman that they can’t afford even if they don’t already have a high-salaried player. You also can’t simply expect them to trade away a player that is so bad and so expensive with no positives. Nobody in their right mind would take that player.
  7. Look beyond mundane stats like Wins and RBI, which are both affected by how good the player’s team is.
  8. Study. Review the year-to-date stats, as well as the stats throughout the history of the game. This will separate you from a bandwagoner.


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