UNICEF: How to create awareness for underprivilaged-child survival

For those who don’t know, the most popular Hispanic singer and song-writer Shakira is expecting a baby For those who don’t know, the most popular Hispanic singer and song-writer Shakira is expecting a baby with famous soccer player, Gerard Pique, and they are hosting an online baby shower to help underprivileged children in conjunction with UNICEF. The method being used by the couple and UNICEF to raise awareness for the survival of infants is inspiring, and serves as a perfect example of how famous people can use their status to help those in need. The announcement of the baby shower has been a success, it was announced by the release of pictures of the couple that have never been seen before, which helped spread the word throughout all social media channels.

For the fans interested in helping, they can enter the virtual baby shower at the UNICEF site. Fans will be welcomed by a virtual living room and if they decide to donate, they can choose from five “Inspired Gifts” options in the registry. The gifts include a $5 mosquito net to keep mosquitoes away from children and help reduce the number of cases of malaria, which is one of the leading causes of child death, a $10 polio vaccine, a $37 baby scale to help keep track of their growth and to help spot signs of malnutrition, and finally a donation of $110 to buy therapeutic food that can save a child who is malnourished.

The popularity of both, Shakira and Pique, might make the campaign a success especially if most of their fans decide to honor their child by donating to the cause. Only time will tell if the campaign does recieve the engagement of  their fans around the world, but it has certainly won their attention, due to the uniqueness and innovation behind the campaign.

According to UNICEF, about 19,000 children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes. So, being part of the virtual baby shower will help children without resources to come into this world healthy.

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