How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook

Did you friend request someone on Facebook and suddenly regret it? Below are some easy ways to cancel the request.
If you go to the page of the person you sent the request to and scroll down to the near bottom, there will be a “cancel friend request” link underneath the Friends’ list of that person. There you go.

Direct Method

1. Go to the friend’s (you send friend request to) profile.

2. Next to their name, there is ‘Awaiting friend confirmation’, click on the x icon next to it. (If you hover over it, it says: ‘cancel friend request’.)

    • If the x icon doesn’t appear (New Facebook profiles) there is a “Cancel Friend Request” link at the lower left of the profile the same link used to remove friends.

3. Done.


Block Method

  1. Click on the ‘privacy’ link which is located under setting menu in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Go to the section marked ‘Block People’.
  3. Enter the name of the recipient and click ‘Block’.
  4. Facebook will show you a list of people with the same name or variations of the recipient’s name. Locate the recipient and click ‘Block Person’.
  • The recipient is now blocked and will not see your friend request! Congratulations.
  • Immediately afterwards, you can unblock the recipient. They will not see the request anymore, but now they can search for you and/or view your profile. This depends on your privacy settings.


Method 3

  • Click on Account tab, then select Edit Friends
  • Click on your friend lists.
  • And then click on the X icon.
  • Approve cancel request
  • The person won’t see it and you won’t have to fret about how dumb it was for you to add them.


Method 4

  • Click Account, (on the top right)
  • Click Edit friends, (first in the drop down menu)
  • Click the box that says “Recent”, (in the top center of the page)
  • Change option to “All Friends” (in the drop down menu)
  • Look under each name, it’ll say “pending request” for those that are
  • Click the X icon on the right, for the friend requests you wish to cancel


Method 5

  1. There’s currently no place on the site where you can see all your sent pending requests. However, if you go to someone’s profile, you can tell your friend status based on the following.
  2. Look at the profile. If the text “Add as Friend” is present, then there’s no friend request waiting.
  3. If it reads “Awaiting friend confirmation,” your friend request hasn’t been confirmed.
  4. If you have the option to remove your friend, your friend request was accepted.


Method 6

  1. With the new changes to the FBML and the navigation, this has been made easier. Simply go to the persons page and on the left hand navigation, scroll down to the lower portion. There is now a link that reads “Cancel Friend Request”. Simple as that.


Method 7

  1. If you are really not sure who you added, perhaps you had an instance where you got hacked by a friend and he or she added a lot of people that you do not know the names of. One way to cancel all these friend requests that YOU did not make would be to go the the search friends bar at the top of Facebook, and methodically type in every letter in the alphabet one at a time and if there is a name you do not recognize in that short list that springs up, go to that profile and cancel it. Although Facebook displays a short list of friends, a pending friend request will magically be on that list.
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