How to Avoid Being a Hoarder?

Do you think you keep far too many things? You might be hoarding too much. I’ll talk about how to identify if you hoard too much, and what to do to curtail it.

A lot of attention has been brought to the idea of hoarding in recent years. With popular television shows dedicated to investigating the lives of extreme pack rats, the topic is getting more attention than ever. For some, hoarding is simply fodder for TV exposures and superiority complexes. For others, hoarding is a serious problem that is tied to psychological troubles and insecurities. It really isn’t something to be taken lightly, and can seriously interfere with one’s life, organization, and happiness.

Most people who toss around the term “hoarder” are probably not referring to actual, compulsive hoarders that have a serious psychological problem. Generally, when someone says that they or someone they know is a hoarder, they really just meant that they are disorganized, or have a lot of stuff hanging around their home or workspace that they could stand the get rid of. In cases of this pack rat behavior, there are plenty of fixes that you can implement today for a neater, saner home!

Lots of items can pile up if you don’t pay attention. Mail, magazines, and bills get left around, dirty clothes don’t get picked up, and if there are kids in the picture, their toys can become a mine field. When all of these things pile up, it may seem like the quest for a clean space is never-ending. But there is hope, even for the most disorganized home maker!

Follow these tips and see for yourself:

  • Let go of your attachment to your organized chaos, as you’ll never get started if you don’t one day decide that enough is enough. If you find yourself with a surplus of things that you haven’t touched in at least eight months, then it would appear that you are in the early stages of hoarding!
  • It’s easy to become an accidental hoarder, so be on the lookout. Collections of various sorts, gifts that went unused after holidays- things can pile up without your even noticing! These seemingly harmless collections can really make a difference when they are allowed to stay in your home. If you really don’t find yourself attached to a particular item, and it serves no purpose, why even keep it in your house?
  • Try not to be sentimental when you’re cleaning. Obviously, in the case of family heirlooms, priceless antiques and other valuables, you’ll want to hold onto things for emotional reasons. But there has to be a limit to this sort of reasoning, or you’ll end up with too many things that you don’t want to part with. Make hardline cutoffs for yourself ahead of time to reduce emotional hoarding.
  • Enlist a friend or family member if you think it will help keep you sane during your cleaning efforts. The whole process can be pretty overwhelming, but having an ally can make the whole thing doable! Having an extra set of hands and someone to help you enforce the decisions you’ve already made ahead of time can be a real asset, and an extra pair of helping hands will make the cleanup task seem less daunting.

With these helpful tips, you can turn your home from a pigsty into a stylish, neat household!

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