How to Visit Harvard Medical School?

There are many ways and reasons to visit the Harvard Medical School.  This article provides a guide to visiting the campus.

Harvard University.  The name is instantly recognized by many as being the pinnacle of higher  education in the United States and the world at large.  Year after year, the best and brightest students, faculty, dignitaries, alumni and professionals visit the sprawling campus for a variety of reasons.  Of course, the seminal campus is not limited to the Cambridge side of the Charles but extends into Boston itself where the prestigious Harvard Medical School sits in the Longwood Medical Area.  Depending on the time of year, the school hosts many visitors and it’s important to do a little bit of preparation when planning a trip.  Here are a couple of things to consider and some helpful tips as well.

Reasons for Visiting campus

First and foremost, prospective students aspiring to explore the world of cutting edge medicine in an industry leading setting come to visit the campus to get a feel for their potential futures.  A summer tour is a great option, as well as a visit to the office of admissions.  There is also a wide variety of events in several areas of Medicine from Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology to Genetics and beyond.  Visiting professionals and students alike are invited to attend these campus events, in addition to public seminars.  The Continuing Medical Education program offered about 353 programs in 2011, and over 63,000 professionals from around the world took part.


Before setting off for the Boston campus, it’s important to do a little bit of research.  The school’s website, is a great place to start and should provide visitors with all they need to know about seasons, calendars, hours and locations.  There’s an online form to contact the Harvard Medical School, as well as maps of the campus and details about tours.  The official address is 25 Shattuck Street, Boston, MA 02115 and visitors should call ahead at (617) 432-1000 to get up to date information.  It is important to note that guided tours run only during the summer months and the official tour dates are usually posted sometime in May of each year.  Registration for tours is necessary but no tours are offered during the academic year.

Find a place to stay

There are many options for short and long term lodgings in and around the Longwood Medical Area  where the Harvard Medical School is located.  Visiting students and scholars who want to stay on campus for an extended period of time should consider the Vanderbilt Hall.  The facilities offer residents a room, meal and health plans, state-of-the-art athletic facility and more, even including a 24-hour walking escort service to help residents get safely around campus.  A Best Western Plus (also known as The Inn at Longwood Medical) carries the name of the surrounding area as well as offers a convenient place to stay during visits to both the school and surrounding Boston landmarks.

How to get there

The Harvard Medical School is easily accessible by car, bike or by foot via Boston’s public transit system, the T.  Located inside the Longwood Medical Area, the main entrance can be found at the intersection of Longwood Avenue and Avenue Louis Pasteur.  On campus parking is available by permit only and visiting faculty members should contact the Parking Office.  Public parking garages provide off campus options.  A map of bike racks, which are reserved for students, faculty, staff and post docs, is available on the medical school’s website.  A Green Line T stop brings visitors to within a five minute walk of campus.

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