How to Stage a Kitchen when Selling a Home

Kitchens are at the heart of any home and a kitchen that is presented beautifully when selling is a must. Whether you are tweaking a few features, or considering a full-blown renovation, make sure you know your market and what features attract positive attention.

  1. Keep it immaculate. Your kitchen must be clean enough to eat off the floor. Every surface should sparkle and shine. If you are not able to keep your kitchen so clean yourself, consider hiring a professional until your home is sold.
  2. Make sure your walls are a warm, neutral color and freshly painted. Repaint or touch up all painted surfaces.
  3. Improve the lighting. Enhancing the lighting in your kitchen will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Avoid dark corners. Enhance work areas with task lighting. Counters that are lit up give a look of spaciousness in even the smallest of kitchens and are a relatively easy and inexpensive update.
  4. Ensure flooring is in good condition. Replace or repair any cracks, scratches or indentations. Leave floors free of rugs and mats.
  5. Declutter. Clear all counters and surfaces of clutter and appliances. Display a select few items that will complement your color scheme and keep them spotless. If you have a hanging pot rack, take it down. Remove any items stuck to your refrigerator. It should be clean and clutter free top to bottom.
  6. Declutter cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Keep items to a minimum to show off storage space.
  7. Make sure sink hardware is in good working condition and up to date. Replace old or worn faucets and spray nozzles. Even the inside of your dishwasher should be clean and free of buildup.
  8. Make sure any kitchen furniture is clean, in good repair and has a meaningful function in the space. Remove bakers’ racks and extra carts if they are being used for extra storage as they will give buyers the impression there is not adequate storage in your kitchen.
  9. Remove any pet feeding dishes or pet items from your kitchen area.
  10. Accessorize sparingly. Use clean, colorful dish towels folded neatly on your counter. Add a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers. Make sure you replace them regularly to maintain freshness.
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