How To Rent Luxury Apartments in Fenway: What to expect.

Because of its location, Fenway is a very accessible area. Featuring beautiful landscapes, Fenway is the perfect place to live for those having baseball fever, or for people simply looking to be in the heart of the city. Read on to learn more about Fenway apartments.

If you are looking for a place to live in Boston, then FenwayApartments are one of the best deals you can find. Presence of the famous Fenway park (or infamous depending on your home team!) makes it the most visited area in the Boston metropolitan area. In addition, beautiful landscapes, museums, the Boston opera, and many famous colleges of art and science are located in this area, making it all the more alluring for one to stay here in Fenway.

Being the city center, public transportation, local markets, restaurants, gardens and parks are all easily accessible. Many options are available for the apartment seeker who is looking for a Fenway apartment. There are more than a few of the best Boston Luxury Apartments situated in this area of city. Depending on the desired features, one can choose from one/ two/ three/ four bed-room set with attached or non-attached bathrooms. Apartments on lease can be a variety of prices. These luxury apartments in Fenway serve many public and private features to their clients. These features include:

  • 24h actively working maintenance department
  • Several elevators available in most buildings
  • Wi-Fi internet facilities
  • Laundry facility in each building
  • Heat and central air conditioning
  • Granite counter-tops in kitchen
  • Ample closet and storage space
  • Concierge service
  • Stylish design
  • Natural light
  • Well thought-out space
  • Swimming pools
  • Terraces on roof tops
  • Community halls

Experts (real estate agents and specialized rental agents) in Fenway/Boston property management industry can offer estimates/quotes, and can tell you the prices as per your requirements. These property managers will negotiate prices with the owner for the client, and also have the ability to arrange trips for the client with a private driver to show different locations.

Usually, the person who is renting his/her apartment or house will ask for 4-months of rent in advance: one month’s rent for each the first and last month’s rent, plus one month’s rent for security deposits, and a fourth month’s rent as a broker’s fee. In addition to rent, $25 to $250 as admission form fee, which is usually non-refundable, is taken by the management of the housing complex. Owner’s require various documents as proof of employment and/or financial capabilities (appointment letter in case of working, enrollment forms, admission form in the case of student, proof of income in the form of bank statements or pay stubs) prior to any proceeding.


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