How to Experience the Best of the Boston Nightlife

Due to the city’s great colleges and yearly influx of students, Boston is a haven for today’s young people and the young-at-heart. Although the metro’s 2am bar closing times can be thought of as rather conservative in comparison to the night life in Chicago, Austin or New York, that doesn’t mean that this beautiful metropolis doesn’t know how to party! This article will describe some of the various bars, clubs, and nightlife attractions in the Boston area.

If you look closely, you will realize that Boston’s premier night scene has something to offer to almost any crowd. Whether you are looking for a night at a boisterous night club or planning a serene evening at an upscale wine bar, there are plenty of Luxury Apartment in Boston offering close proximity to these local hot spots. Here is a short list of nightlife attractions in the Boston area that are worth checking out.

Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks. There is definitely plenty of good food in this restaurant, but people are usually drawn to this location’s wonderful cocktail parties, which are widely known for their ambiance of lavishness and fun. This premier café highlights an old school bistro atmosphere accompanied with a high-ceiling room and a contemporary mix. Those looking for a more relaxed, quiet atmosphere should note that the place can get a little noisy and a bit packed after the weekly ballgames held at Fenway Park, which is just a stone’s throw away. For nightlife history junkies out there, the restaurant is also the grave of the lamented club, “The Rat.”

House of Blues Boston. The House of Blues began as a small chain in Cambridge at small building just few minutes from Harvard Square. The present reincarnation is an ultra-mega club located at Lansdowne Street Entertainment Avenue just a few blocks behind Fenway Park. The club still features its vintage blues roots and Sunday brunches; currently, however, it is popularly known as a music haven where you can witness everyone from up-and-coming local artists to well-established artists such as Sharon Jones.

The Paradise Rock Club. The world famed U2 band had their American launching at this very location! Paradise Rock Club continues to be one of the city’s best night spots and is an awesome place to view up-and-coming stars as they climb their way to fame. This club has been home to musicians such as Coldplay, Elvis Costello, the Police, and Tom Petty. The restaurant’s front door is a collage of art exhibits, food bonanzas and local acoustic musicians.

Regattabar. If you are in the mood for a jazz-inspired evening, then make sure you drop by the Regattabar. Located in the lavish Charles Hotel, Regattabar is an intimate and pristine venue that features various music styles from contemporary world music to smooth jazz. Regattabar is the perfect Boston location if you are wanting to get a cocktail and enjoy a more quiet, intimate evening.

As you can see, Boston has a variety of nightlife attractions to cater to almost any crowd. The Boston nightlife revolves around pubs, taverns and bars, and is one of the perks of living in Boston. Search for Apartments for Rent Boston to find Boston Luxury Rentals that are close to these local hotspots and you can rest assured that you will never again be bored on weekend!

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