How to Become an Ontario Real Estate Agent

Each province in Canada is responsible for licensing real estate representatives in that province. However, there is a three-step technique common to most, with a Board exam distinctive to each province. Read on to find specific information about Ontario real estate agents.


  1. Obtain a Canadian High School Diploma or equivalent, be at least 18 years old, and speak English.
  2. Complete the requirements for the Initial License. This must be done within eighteen months. The program is obtainable by correspondence or online.
  3. Complete a two-year articling period with a licensed broker. During this time, you must complete three additional courses: Real Property Law (mandatory), and two of the following: Principals of Appraisal, Principals of Mortgage Finance, Principals of Property Management, or Real Estate Investment Analysis.


  • To maintain a license, you must complete twenty-four hours of Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) every three years.
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