How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Washington

Real estate agents enjoy a career that offers independence, a flexible work schedule, and unlimited earning potential. A successful real estate career requires preparation, commitment and hard work, but the process to get a real estate license is actually rather straight forward.


1. Enroll in and pass a 60-hour Real Estate Fundamentals course AND a 30-hour Washington Real Estate Practice course. The 30 hour Practice course is a requirement new as of July 1st 2010. When you pass, you’ll get a certificate and directions on your next steps.

2. Take an exam preparation/review course. The state exam is hard, and most agents need a focused review in order to pass the first time they take it.

3. Sign up for the Washington Real Estate Salesperson exam. You’ll need to have information from the Candidate Examination Document given to you by the real estate school that supplied your Fundamentals course. You’ll be given an exam confirmation number.

4. Bring your $138.25 exam fee to the exam testing site, and take your exam. You’ll also need your exam confirmation number, Candidate Examination Document, two pieces of signature-bearing I.D. (one with a photo), and an ordinary (non-solar) calculator.

5. When you pass the exam, your examination report will include information on how to apply for a license, including the final application for a license. You must complete the application and return it along with the proper fees to the Department of Licensing (DOL).

6. Be prepared to pay fees to enroll in the MLS, pay the Errors & ommissions insurance, desk fees, lockbox fees, Local Board fees, National Board Fees, and a good portion of every sale to your broker.


  • Don’t skip the exam preparation/review course. In 2006, 77% of people taking the Washington real estate salesperson’s exam passed the first time they took it, and many took a review course.
  • Take a license course that will help you retain the most knowledge. In some courses you’ll simply read a textbook and take tests, others you’ll learn in a classroom, and there are also online courses you can do from home. Think about the way you learn best, and seek a course that fits.
  • Talk to real estate agents and brokers. They’ve gone through the licensing process, and not only can they help you decide if a career in real estate is for you, they can help direct you a good real estate school.
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