How to Avoid Scams When Scouring The Internet For Apartment Rentals

Those of you searching for Boston Luxury Apartments will find that there are plenty of choices out there. This is especially the case if you are browsing the internet to find a new apartment in Boston. You will likely find some high-quality Fenway Apartments that are available for rent right away. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you use the internet to locate an apartment for rent. Lately, there have been some online scams that target those looking for apartments. While the vast majority of offers you will find online are genuine, here are a few things to watch out for.

Requests for personal information.

Some identity thieves put up fake ads for apartments that simply do not exist. When contacted by people who are interested in renting the apartment, they then request personal information, such as a social security number, banking information, employment information, etc. under the false guise that they need to run a credit check to make sure that you qualify for the apartment. The information is then used for identity theft.

While there are some legitimate building management companies that let you fill out a rental application directly on their website, you should make sure that the site is that of the actual owner or management company. A quick Google search can confirm this. Submitting your phone number, address and even email are ok but never disclose any financial information until you are sure that this is the correct person.

Requests for advance payment or a deposit.

When responding to an ad for Boston luxury apartments, fraudsters sometimes ask you to send them a deposit or a prepayment for the first month’s rent via a money transfer service. The problem is, the ad is bogus and the apartment in question doesn’t exist. Scammers which post fake ads and pose as the building owner or their representative also try to lure you in by making claims such as: if you pay for the first three months rent now, we will give you two months of rent free, etc. They may also quote you prices that are below the average for the type of apartment and area, sometimes claiming that they are giving you a discount because you are so “special” to them. In any case, if you send them your money, they will quickly disappear and you will soon find out that the apartment in question never existed.

Don’t fall for this. All payments should be done in person in the rental office. No legitimate building owner or rental company will insist that you send them money in advance by a system like Western Union or Money Gram.

Keep in mind that scammers often use pictures copied from other sites on the internet in their ads and some may even send you official looking (but bogus) documents to convince you to give over your information or money to them.

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