How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Dallas County, Texas

Applying for Section 8 in Dallas is a long process that involves background checks, multiple visits to the housing office, and patience. However, the payoff is assistance with your monthly rent and the ability to focus on getting ahead during your difficult period.


  1. Visit the Housing office or call to check the availability of the waiting list at 214-819-1871.
  2. Complete the application forms presented to you and be ready to present proof of last employment or current employment and proof of income.
  3. Be ready to provide birth certificates for all residents that will be living with you.
  4. Follow Up. Be available via phone and check your physical mail and email weekly for updates on your application.


Your background will be investigated, so don’t make false statements during the interview and on the application. It will catch up to you and result in eviction from your new rental home.

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