How to Wait for Application Approval of EB5 Visa

One question in the minds of foreign investors is always: how long will it take to get an immigrant investor visa? This article will attempt to lay these questions to rest.

A lot of people ask: how long will it take to be granted an Immigrant Investor Visa? There are a lot of different factors that determine the length of time that one must wait before finally getting the application for the EB5 visa approved.

First, you should research and identify the kind of business that you would like to invest in the United States. You may contact regional centers all over the country to discuss the options that they have for investors. There are hundreds of regional centers, and surely one of them will cater to your needs as an investor and businessman. Remember that whatever option you choose should be something that interests you and something that you are knowledgeable about. Consider corresponding with representatives from the regional centers to discuss terms and options. This one step can sometimes take many months, but there are some companies that provide assistance on this first step. You may want to ask for their aid to help you expedite your decision.

Also, you should choose an experienced and reliable lawyer that specializes in EB5 visas and Green Card Visa. Having an expert on the legal aspect of the immigrant investor visa will increase the chances of you getting your application approved, because you get to iron out any loopholes that there may be in your request for visa. It is also important to get sound advice from a legal perspective, not only in the visa application itself, but also in conducting business in a foreign country. Get familiarized with the laws of the United States as well as the laws of the specific state that you want to build your business in. Having legal counsel will enable you to fast-track your application to just a few weeks, because you get to have a reliable source of information (your lawyer), instead of doing everything on your own blindly.

Another consideration to iron out is the strong legal evidence that you need to present to the consul when asked about the legitimacy of the funds that you want to place in the investment. You have to show that you already have the funds already, the funds are ready for disposal, that the funds are legally in your name, and that they were legally obtained.

If you meet all requirements and you have chosen your business or regional center, then you can estimate the final approval of your immigrant investor visa to arrive within six to eight months. However, if the documents are not yet ready and there are still delays, then obtaining an approval for acceptance in the Eb5 Visa Program will take a longer time.

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