How to: The EB5 Immigrant Investor Program Explained

In America nowadays there are a large amount of businesses that look towards the EB5 Visa Program for funding. This is a program that was set up initially at a small number of regional centers around the country and has since expanded nationally. The US Government was the instigator of this program in an attempt to attract investors from other countries to aid the American economy. The investors are then allowed to live as immigrants in the country. One of the major benefits of these programs is the job opportunities they provide for American workers. This program is also often referred to an Immigrant Investor Program. In addition investors are also able to obtain a Green Card Visa which is given out on a trial basis to start with in order that that investor can stay in the country. They then have to provide proof of the success of their investment before being allowed to stay on.

The EB5 Immigrant Visa Program has been growing for years now and has increased in popularity. It has reached a status now where it is one of the most popular and positive visa programs that the United States of America has ever come up with. It has been the sole reason for thousands of jobs being created in businesses everywhere in the country. However, there are some misconceptions that are still flying about regarding this particular program.

Many people still believe that this program provides Green cards for cash. Effectively they believe that any sizeable investment for a company will guarantee entry and a green card to go with it. In fact this visa program has at times been dubbed the “green card for cash” program. However, this program is a complex process involving investment and job opportunities creation and has strict criteria about who can join, when and what they must do in order to qualify.

This investor visa program asks that a foreigner invest one million dollars in a new or current American business via a regional center. The amount changes if the investment is made in an area that has a high unemployment rate. In this case the amount is reduced to half a million dollars in investment. Apart from the large investment amount that is needed there are also a few other conditions that need to be met in order to obtain a green card in addition. The program you invest in must be seen to create at least ten new full time jobs in the business you have targeted over 2 years.

So it is clear from this that the visa program is not just a green card for sale. There are advantages for the investor and the American businesses and workers that the funds go into. The popularity of the scheme can be understood as it has huge benefits. It is by far one of the best visa programs in the United States of America.


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