How to Support the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement

Occupy Wall Street is a non-violent resistance to the corruption of the “1%” the richest people. It is organized by the “99%” the rest of the people. The main protest is organized on Wall Street, with protesters camping out in Zuccoti Park, but no matter where you are, you can get involved. Read on to learn how to get involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, protest corporate corruption, and gain more equal rights, regardless of the spread of money.


  1. Research the movement. Know what it is about, look at it from different angles, and form your own opinion. Occupy Wall Street (or OWS) protests about corporate greed. According to the official OWS website it “empowers real people to create change from the bottom up.” They “don’t need Wall Street and we don’t need politicians to create a better society.” Make sure this is someting you want to support, and know why you want to!
  2. Connect with like-minded others near you and faraway. Contact others who share your views, in your neighborhood or via Facebook or Twitter. You can get tips, or organize a movement in your neighborhood if it doesn’t have one already. It can also help you get more support, and get more information on the protests around the country and around the globe.
  3. Find your method of protesting. Will you head over to Wall Street and protest there? Or will you stay in your town and just occupy there? Or, will you organize an Occupy Your Block, and use sidewalk chalk and signs to get your message across? Each method is equally effective, and choosing whichever one will help support the cause.
  4. Begin your protest. Start holding up your signs, or writing your messages on the sidewalk with chalk, or start your letter writing petition. Get others to join, or work with others. The big point is getting your message across, and supporting the movement. Use your ideas and creativity to support the OWS movement.
  5. Follow the Occupy Wall Street movement in the media. Learn about other Occupy movements, and learn what other people are doing. Try to avoid biased media, and keep up to date on the movement.
  6. Support your position. To detractors, OWS seems to be pointless, just another protest that will get nowhere and is shouting in a soundproof room. Fight this perception! Explain what Occupy Wall Street is about, and the change it makes, and the ideas it changes. Support the cause!


  • Occupy in anyway you deem useful. This movement is about the people, and it needs support from the people.
  • Always get the message across!
  • Support the movement in any way you can!
  • Contact others, connect! The movement is stronger with more people, and having your own web of support can help.
  • Remember, you are the 99%! Connect with others, inform others, and stay informed on the OWS movement.

Things You’ll Need

  • An idea
  • Methods to protest
  • Ways to stay informed.

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