How to: Requirements for Obtaining an EB5 Investor Visa

The EB5 Investor program for immigrants is one of the most complicated immigration laws in the United States of America. It is also one of the most popular and sought-after programs ever conceived in the country. It is still growing in popularity as time goes on. There are various requirements though for getting one of these visas which are highlighted in this article.

The US government created the EB5 Investor Visa and Immigrant Investor Program in order to help wealthy immigrants who want to gain entry to the country to obtain an EB5 green card. They will need to invest one million dollars into an American business that is either new or existing and help to create at least ten full time jobs that need to be maintained for a period of two years. However, the amount can be half that – down to 500,000 dollars – if the area of investment is one with a high unemployment rate. There are many requirements for this program and it can be complex, but it remains one of the most popular schemes ever created by the US government.

There are few mandatory requirements in order to qualify for entry into the United States of America after investing in this program. At least 500,000 dollars for high risk areas and one million for other areas should be invested. This must be invested into a company within the United States of America in order to create job opportunities. In addition investors will have to illustrate that they are bringing great benefit to the US economy. The employment that is generated must be maintained for two years and the jobs created should still be in existence.

In regards to the businesses you can choose to invest in, they can either be an original business or an existing business. If you create a new business then investors need to show that they have invested in a commercial business. If it is an existing business then an investor may have to reorganize and sort out the business. This can include creating new jobs or even saving existing ones in the company. An investor may also need to expand an existing business for more opportunities to be made available. The larger the business the harder the task the investor may have to quality for the visa.

There are huge advantages of this program to the US Economy. In fact this is one of the requirements of getting the visa through this program. There is no real guidance on how much it should benefit the economy but the ten jobs or more that are created is perhaps an illustration of the success that needs to be achieved. As well as creating jobs the program also focuses on saving jobs within companies. There are various people who are excluded from the jobs though. Those include family and friends and also fellow immigrants. Any investor who is seen to be breaking these rules can be stopped from obtaining a visa.

In general the visa program is without doubt one of the best that has been created in America and one of the most popular too. It should continue to increase in popularity over the years as more and more foreign investors look to cash in and invest.


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