How to Report Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are common across the United States and often in other countries as well. They can drain the resources that should be allocated to citizens of that country, and they take advantage of the system by being in a country illegally. You can learn how to report illegal immigrants, though, if you choose to take action.


  1. Understand why illegal immigration is a concern.
    • Most countries will welcome immigrants if they enter the country through legal means. A country, though, has to take into consideration the number of immigrants, where they come from and the timing of their entrance so as not to tax the resources of the country too much at any given time.
    • One example of a mass entrance of illegal immigrants to the United States would be more than 125,000 illegal Cubans who ended up in Florida in 1980. These refugees include almost 23,000 violent felons as well as others with diseases and/or mental illnesses. Violence also became an issue in Miami as immigrants were living in poor conditions and could only find low wages.
    • Illegal immigrants also lead to higher kindergarten through 12th grade public education expenses for a state, higher costs to public assistance health programs, as well as taxing the jail systems.
  2. Know what information you will need to provide when you file a report.
    • Make sure that you have direct evidence before you think about reporting a potential illegal immigrant. This could include direct evidence or someone within a company telling you about the illegal activity.
    • Gather as many details as possible including name, phone number, address of the suspected employer of illegal immigrants, the location of a drop house, or the name or location of drug or human traffic smugglers.
    • Photographs, license plate numbers, descriptions and any other information that you can put together will also be helpful.
  3. Report illegal immigrants to the police if there is an immediate cause for concern such as drug trafficing, abuse, theft or any other felony or misdemeanor. When reporting the crime, make sure to state that it is your belief that the person is not only committing a crime, but that he is also in the country illegally and why you believe that.
  4. Report names and locations of illegal aliens in the United States to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423).
  5. Contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s various Border Patrol Sectors by locating contact information at as an alternative reporting method.
  6. Consider letting a company like the one found at the alien for you. This gives you anonimity, and for a small fee, you can avoid a large amount of paperwork.

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