How to Prepare for a Career in Politics

Politicians often earn substantial incomes while having the opportunity to work toward goals they believe to be worthy. Since most politicians must be elected, those hoping to work in politics must be organized, financially stable and charismatic if they are to run successful campaigns. Prepare for a career in politics by making yourself educated, well-known and likable.

  1. Build an educational background that will enhance your credibility as a politician.
    • Common areas of study include law, political science, business, finance, law enforcement, journalism and education.
    • Seek out opportunities to intern for political campaigns and/or public service agencies.
  2. Learn about the legislative process.
    • If your formal education does not teach the specifics of government procedures, research and study them during your free time.
    • Focus on historical information as well as current events.
    • Make sure you clearly understand all branches of local, state and federal governments.
  3. Network whenever an opportunity presents itself. Always introduce yourself by name and strike up conversation with anyone who is willing to speak with you.
    • Possible networking opportunities include volunteer work, community events, political rallies, civic clubs, school organizations and sporting events.
    • Take advantage of online social networking in addition to in-person networking. Start a blog and create public Facebook and Twitter accounts. You also may want to start a personal website where you can direct supporters.
  4. Raise funds to use toward future campaign expenses.
    • Invest some of your own money by hiring an accountant and/or lawyer to assist you with campaign finance rules and regulations, since it can be easy to accidentally break the law. You don’t want to ruin your chances of having a political career due to an accidental mistake in your fundraising practices.
  5. Start your political career out by running for local office.
    • Many famous politicians started out as aldermen, school board members and city councilmen. Getting elected to a local position will give you name recognition, resume material and firsthand experience in politics.

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