How to Know What Are The  Restrictions on the EB5 Visa Program

The EB5 Visa Program is a unique program designed specifically for foreign investors to give them the chance to earn a green card. This can be done by investing a minimum amount of $500,000 USD, and being able to prove that your business can create at least 10 new jobs.

The EB5 Visa Program is a unique program that gives foreign investors the chance to get a green card, so that they can live in the United States permanently and legally. The said program started in 1990 under the United States’ Immigration Act; the act states that any foreign national who invests a minimum amount of 500,000 USD and whose business can create at least 10 permanent jobs will qualify for the Immigrant Investor Visa program. There are however, certain restrictions that apply to know whether you can qualify or not for this type of visa.

Requirements for investment

Anyone who wants to get a Green Card Visa through the Eb-5 Visa Program must have at least $500,000 USD for investment. It is highly suggested that they establish a business in a rural area where the unemployment rate is high, since the program aims to boost the country’s economy by providing jobs to the unemployed citizens in the United States. An extensive background check is usually done to determine if the cash is legitimate and comes from legal means. As an investor, you will need to show proof of your business’ legitimacy by providing the US government with all required paperwork and tax records. You should be able to show at least 5 year worth of records to be considered for acceptance.

Creating Jobs

Aside from investing 500,000 USD or more, the applicant must also prove that his or her business can create at least 10 full time jobs for the American Citizens. There are both direct and indirect means of creating jobs, and the details can be learned from a designated regional center. When it comes to investing in a new business, the applicant can choose an enterprise that is not yet at an approved regional center. In such a case, the green card applicant is required to show proof that his business venture can create new jobs that are directly related to the company or business the investment will be made in.

What are the privileges of having the EB5 Visa?

If you meet all the requirements and have the money for capital investment, the route to a green card approval is well within your reach. This type of visa is suitable for foreign business professionals, students, and even retirees. There are many benefits that an EB5 Visa card holder can enjoy, but the major advantage they have over the others would be a faster way of gaining permanent residency in the US. This will give not only you, but your spouse and family as a well, a chance to earn a green card. When approved with this program, you can work, live, and even retire, anywhere you want within the country.

After 5 years of holding the card without conditions, you will then be eligible for citizenship. This will give you more freedom of movement within the United States, since you are no longer required to meet quotas. If you have the money and an established business or idea for business that you think will prosper in the United States, you can try your luck in the EB5 Investor Visa Program.

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