How to Decide if You’re a Democrat

The Democratic Party is a mainly liberal party with many different ideas and beliefs, including the right to abortion, universal health care, and that taxes are necessary. This article will help anyone getting into the political world to decide if they are a Democrat.


1. Examine your own political thoughts. Are you pro-gay marriage? Do you think that taxes are necessary? What is your opinion on Israel? Think over your thoughts and ideas.

2. Read a list of Democratic policies. Do you agree with most of them? If you don’t, most likely you are a Republican. If you agree with most of them, continue reading.

3. Once you have read the list, decide where you are on the Democratic spectrum. You can be either a liberal Democrat, a moderate Democrat, or a conservative Democrat. Think it over privately and decide about what you are.

4. When you have figured out where you are on the Democratic spectrum, you are ready to enter the political world. Never try to forcefully convince someone to your side; let them determine what they are on their own.


  • If you are having trouble deciding, talk to any Democrats in their area of what they think of politics. This might help you decide your political views.
  • If you do the above tip, you might also want to talk to any Republicans as well, to get both opinions.
  • While this is not always the case, most Republicans are religious. If you are not religious, consider this as a factor in your decision.
  • Make sure someone isn’t forcing you to their side. People might angry at you for being indecisive.
  • Don’t ask a Republican and a Democrat of their opinions at the same time. They might start an argument and ignore you completely. You want to make up your mind, not listen to someone argue.
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