How to Become Student Council President of Middle School

Becoming student body (or student council) president in middle school is easy if you’re prepared to put in the work it takes to become qualified and get yourself noticed. You always want to be funny and able to relate with others. Everyone wants someone who is fun to be with and personable as their president.You always want to be funny and able to relate with others. You also have to convince them by saying that you will change the school verbally, physically, and academically. Along with being funny you must also be serious. When you are serious you show that you can handle the things that may come.


  1. Show that you are a leader outside of student council too. Answer questions in class and be socially forward.
  2. You will need to make yourself known. Make friends with people in all grades and with all backgrounds to show that you can represent every student in your school. Having lots of friends and lots of different kinds of friends boosts your popularity and chances of winning. Though you certainly don’t have to become lifelong best friends with every student, you must be polite to everyone and eliminate any shyness you might have. If you see someone sitting alone, strike up a conversation with them.
  3. Make sure you’re actually running before you try anything else (by officially getting your name on the ballot). Putting up posters for a make-believe campaign is not a good start to your career in politics.
  4. After making sure your school is okay with you putting up posters, make a ton of colorful, bright posters. Make sure they are eye-catching and have cute slogans. Being original shows people you can have original ideas in the future. EX: Making the world a better place since (insert birth year). (insert name).
  5. When you write your speech, make sure it isn’t too dull but be serious with your ideas. Don’t say you’ll bring a unicorn to school or anything your school’s funds can’t easily afford. Give the reasons you’re qualified (do you volunteer with Habitat For Humanity? Have you been in student council since sixth grade? Things like that.), why you want to run, a sample of your ideas, AND some of the steps you would take to achieve them. Spend time on your speech, and be sure to edit it several times. Finally, make sure you know your speech well enough to make contact with your audience while saying it in a confident voice (memorizing it might be a good idea, but you certainly don’t have to).
  6. This may not seem right, but buy the bribes. Candy, chips, cute accessories, etc. More people will think, Oh yeah, she’s/he’s cool. Make sure you’re not violating any school rules by doing this before you go ahead with it, though; being disqualified won’t exactly help your chances at being elected.
  7. Try making stickers, fliers, or buttons, and get your friends to wear them. It will surely increase the number of votes you get.
  8. Be a leader.
  9. Be a good influence on others.


  • Unfortunately, in middle school, these elections are based on popularity, so if you’re not well known, make sure that your speech shines. And don’t worry, because the popular people are just running for more, well, popularity. Just state your reasons and catch everyone’s attention.
  • Remember that there’s no guarantee you can win, but following these steps will really help along the way.
  • Remember that even if you don’t win, running in it was fun and at least you had the experience.
  • Remember, the students are counting on you.
  • Be active in the school and community before running!!
  • If you win, put it on your resume!
  • Don’t brag to your opponents; it will make you seem childish and petty. Congratulate them on their campaigns and show good sportsmanship whether you win or not.
  • If you win, at some schools you have to talk at pep rallies, so, if you aren’t the best speaker, act calm, speak very loudly, and make it short and sweet (if its too slow it will come across as solemn rather than peppy).


  • Don’t repeat things in your speech
  • Remember that middle school Student Councils don’t always do that much, and aren’t always that powerful. It depends on the school.
  • Don’t use stupid slogans
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep
  • Don’t sound stupid (it really hurts you)
  • Be calm and collected while giving your speech, for people can tell when you’re nervous. If you can’t do public speaking, don’t run for president.
  • Don’t act like you should’ve won if you didn’t. Nobody likes a sore loser, and the ones that voted for you will be wondering why they did.
  • Always talk about whats important but remember to speak from the heart and speak the truth.
  • Make sure the school is okay with putting up posters and handing out fliers. Some schools don’t want advertisements in the halls. You definelty won’t win if you break school rules.

Things You’ll Need

  • speech
  • slogan
  • your ideas
  • heart
  • posters
  • and anything else that pops up
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