How to Be Political

Being political can be exciting and keep you connected to your government. There are many ways to be political, so read on!


  1. Stay connected. How are you going to be political if you don’t know what’s going on in the world around you! Watch the news, read the newspaper, or go to a news site, such as CNN, the New York Times, etc. Read about pressing problems in today’s society and think about how you could fix them.
  2. Be part of a newspaper. If you’re in school, join your school newspaper club! This is a fun and easy way to explore new friendships, learn the basics of journalism, and get your political ideals out there! If you’ve graduated from school, apply to work on your local newspaper. Start as an intern, and slowly move your way up to being a reporter.
  3. Have strong beliefs. Know what you believe in, and don’t let others try to sway you. Don’t be wishy-washy! It’s okay be angry. This will just force people to view their ideas in a negative light, thus gaining your trust.
  4. Get into debates. If you’re in school, join your debate team. If you’re not, find some political people such as yourself and debate with them. What political party is better? What’s the most pressing issue in our world right now? Don’t stop till you’ve got them convinced that you’re right.
  5. Get into some political bands. Yes, they exist. Hardcore ( is great for the liberals, and country ( is great for the conservatives!
  6. Run for office. If you really enjoy being political, run for office in your city. Who knows, you could be a future President!


  • Get involved in your community.


  • Crying in public is not always considered strong or wise..


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