How to Be Aware of Voters Rights

Until fairly recently, most countries were not democracies. However this day in age most of them are. This means that they have a constitution. Whenever a country becomes democratic, they accept a written set of rules called the constitution which is accepted universally by the people of the country. This constitution also provides its citizens a chance to vote with the fact ” one man, one value”, each vote has its own value and each voter has their own rights. Here is how to be aware of your voters rights.


  1. All citizens of a country have their own valuable votes, basic rights are meant and given for all.
  2. All people have the right to have and experience the rights given by the constitution. So you are free to do anything that’s within legal limits and no one can restrict you from it
  3. Some such basic rights are ; the right to equality, freedom, education, religious freedom and the right against exploitation , etc. All these are applicable to all citizens equally.
  4. You have the right to vote. It serves as a way to show your political participation towards state.
  5. You must be aware of your rights as a voter, and utilize them in the best possible way.

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