How French Police Negotiates with Suspect in School Shooting

Hundred of French police are surrounding a building in Toulouse and are negotiating with a 24-year-old gunman suspected in shooting of seven people, including a teacher, three children and three French paratroopers in recent days, according to French authorities.

Interior Prime Minister Claude Gueant said that the suspect claiming al-Qaeda links 4wanted to take revenge for Palestinian children killed in the Middle East.

Police officers evacuated the building and brought the suspect’s mother to the residence in the hope he would help convince him to surrender but she declined to speak to the suspect, Mr. Guéant said, adding that her son refused to listen to her in the past.

The 24-year-old man, identified as Mohammed Merah, threw a gun out a window in exchange of a device to talk to authorities, authorities said.

If the gunman suspected in seven killing will not turn himself into police they will force their way and will try to take him by force.

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