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    Posted on October 26th, 2012

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    How to be a Great Fan in Boston

    How to be a Great Fan in Boston

    A Harvard alumni card has millions of possible uses, but using it to support your favorite sports team might be one of the most rewarding ways. Show your family and friends that you are a great fan and start using your Harvard alumni card today to enhance your experiences.

    The Boston area has some great sports team. The New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, and of course, the Boston Red Sox all hail from this area. If you are from this section of New England, you know how fervent the Boston sports fans are. With a Harvard Alumni Card, you can enjoy these sports teams even more than before. This credit card comes with a low interest rate and will allow you to extend your spending power farther than ever before. Harvard alumni can use this card for any purpose, but being a great Boston sports fan is one of the biggest perks that you can take advantage of.

    • The Boston Red Sox might not be in the postseason this year, but that won’t slow down Boston fans. Red Sox Nation has some of the most devoted fans in all of the United States. You can show your Boston pride this coming offseason with a purchase of Red Sox clothing, apparel, or other souvenirs.  Show off your pride and make sure you let the rest of the world know that you haven’t given up on your team.[...] Read More...

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    Posted on October 25th, 2012

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    How to Avoid Being a Hoarder?

    How to Avoid Being a Hoarder?

    Do you think you keep far too many things? You might be hoarding too much. I’ll talk about how to identify if you hoard too much, and what to do to curtail it.

    A lot of attention has been brought to the idea of hoarding in recent years. With popular television shows dedicated to investigating the lives of extreme pack rats, the topic is getting more attention than ever. For some, hoarding is simply fodder for TV exposures and superiority complexes. For others, hoarding is a serious problem that is tied to psychological troubles and insecurities. It really isn’t something to be taken lightly, and can seriously interfere with one’s life, organization, and happiness.

    Most people who toss around the term “hoarder” are probably not referring to actual, compulsive hoarders that have a serious psychological problem. Generally, when someone says that they or someone they know is a hoarder, they really just meant that they are disorganized, or have a lot of stuff hanging around their home or workspace that they could stand the get rid of. In cases of this pack rat behavior, there are plenty of fixes that you can implement today for a neater, saner home!

    Lots of items can pile up if you don’t pay attention. Mail, magazines, and bills get left around[...] Read More...

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    Posted on October 24th, 2012

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    How to Visit Harvard Medical School?

    How to Visit Harvard Medical School?

    There are many ways and reasons to visit the Harvard Medical School.  This article provides a guide to visiting the campus.

    Harvard University.  The name is instantly recognized by many as being the pinnacle of higher  education in the United States and the world at large.  Year after year, the best and brightest students, faculty, dignitaries, alumni and professionals visit the sprawling campus for a variety of reasons.  Of course, the seminal campus is not limited to the Cambridge side of the Charles but extends into Boston itself where the prestigious Harvard Medical School sits in the Longwood Medical Area.  Depending on the time of year, the school hosts many visitors and it’s important to do a little bit of preparation when planning a trip.  Here are a couple of things to consider and some helpful tips as well.

    Reasons for Visiting campus

    First and foremost, prospective students aspiring to explore the world of cutting edge medicine in an industry leading setting come to visit the campus to get a feel for their potential futures.  A summer tour is a great option, as well as a visit to the office of admissions.  There is also a wide variety of events in several areas of Medicine from Biological Chemistry [...] Read More...

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    Posted on October 18th, 2012

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    How To View The Job’s Report

    How To View The Job’s Report

    Those who invest in stocks are asking themselves how the upcoming Jobs Report will affect the markets. This is a very valid question, as the country has experienced relatively poor job growth in the past couple of months.

    Even though there over 160,000 jobs in the private sector were created in July, this doesn’t mean that the economy is growing or that job creation will now start booming again. Many individuals remain underemployed, being forced to take jobs that pay far less than what they’re qualified for, as they are unable to find decent work in their area of expertise.

    Some experts, such as Cooper Howes at Barclays, have made a few predictions about how the job market is going to fare this month. The unemployment rate, currently hovering around 8.2% nationwide, is expected to remain unchanged for the time being. The average amount of hours worked per week is expected to remain the same and average hourly wages are expected to grow, but only very slightly by about 0.2%.

    This shows that those who predicted that the country would be soon emerging from the effects that the recession had on the job market are unfortunately mistaken. Job growth is low and there isn’t an end in sight.

    Poor job growth has an impact on the markets as wel[...] Read More...

  • Siri’s New Boss

    Siri’s New Boss

    Most of us have become very familiar with Siri since its acquisition by Apple back in 2010. There have been criticisms, cheers, and everything in between about the functionality of the feature. In the past year, Siri has lost both of her co-founders, and has received more jeers than cheers.

    All that is about to change. Or at least, that is the hope for Apple. Apple has called on Amazon executive, William Stasior, to take control and revamp the Siri service. Stasior’s resume includes years of working on new search technologies. His resume and passion for technology will pull Siri back from the criticism, and show that the service is not only up to date, but a future powerhouse to be reckoned with.[...] Read More...

  • How to Market as a Dealership in Boston

    How to Market as a Dealership in Boston

    Vehicle Dealers are finding it easy to get clients in Boston. Find out how you can market effectively as well.

    When there was no Facebook or Twitter, Dealers still use to get clients online via chat, which was a form of social media during the 90s. However the online marketing phenomenon has changed significantly since then. A Digital marketing agency can provide aid with marketing in such scenarios. Boston in general has seen great creative and effective results from these agencies. Let’s see how dealers are mixing traditional marketing methods with current social media and SEM trends of the online marketing industry as a whole.

    Strategize: It cannot be ignored that Boston Internet marketing companies are seeing a surge in successful projects. The first suggestion they offer to new clients is to strategize. In other words, don’t try to sell a car just like every other dealer wants to do. Running twitter, Facebook or Google campaigns need value. Simply advertising a product doesn’t work, offer something in return to users so they would like or follow you – for dealers this can be anything from tips to special services, etc.

    Listen & Socialize: If you manage to sell a car, don’t let go of the client. Many people after purchasing new cars will b[...] Read More...

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    Posted on October 5th, 2012

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    How Youtube Has Moods Now

    How Youtube Has Moods Now

    Youtube is coming out with a new service called Moodwall, which allows users to browse
    and discover new videos by only using emotions as a filter. It uses keywords when people comment on a video to determine what type of emotion the video has on its viewers, such as funny, brilliant, gross, adorable, strange, clever, powerful, crazy, amazing, creative,
    sad, intense, deep, catchy, and fast. It not only helps to demonstrate the most common kinds of videos that users upload, it also helps people to browse through and watch a series of videos based on the mood that they’re feeling (rather than have users watch
    video after video either through the search function or related videos.)

    Youtube’s search function was limited in that people’s most general search terms led
    to videos with the search term in the title (or spammed a lot in tags.) This new feature would allow users to discover based on other people’s reactions, not only on what the uploader named the video or put in the tags.

    Once you’ve selected a mood in Moodwall, a playlist of videos goes automatically for you, further allowing views to sit back and watch what unfolds.

    What I find interesting is that this feature exemplifies one of the behaviors of You[...] Read More...

  • Mobile Devices: an Increasingly Popular Platform for Games

    Gaming consoles and PCs are still being used in large numbers to play video games. But the rise in popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices has created a whole new market for game developers.

    About a decade ago, video games were mainly played either on gaming consoles or the computer. Sure, games for mobile phones existed, but they tended to be quite simplistic, such as Pac Man, Exmortis or vampire games. But now that smart phones are being used by an ever-increasing number of people, video game developers are setting their sights on this whole new market. In fact, iPhone Game Development is rapidly increasing. But the iPhone is not the only platform that is being targeted by game companies. Android Game Development is also on the rise.

    There are many reasons behind this recent trend. In order to understand it, we need to consider the fact that smart phones are essentially computers, albeit with different platforms and form factors than the “traditional” desktop or laptop PC. As such, they have far greater processing power, memory and displays than mobile phones produced 10 years ago.

    There is also the rise i[...]

  • How Google Settles its charges; pays $22.5 million to Apple Inc.

    How Google Settles its charges; pays $22.5 million to Apple Inc.

    According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Google would be paying $22.5 million for bypassing the privacy settings of Apple’s Safari users. This deal puts an on the probe by FTC regarding allegations on Google for using cookies to monitor Safari users on
    iPhones and iPads. This practice has been deemed to be in violation of the consent decree which Google had negotiated with the FTC in 2011. This negotiation was brought out with respect to Google Buzz which is not functioning anymore.

    As part of the settlement, Google does not have to admit to any liability. However, when compared to Google revenues of $12.21 billion, the mere fine that the company has to pay is a drop in the bucket. Although this was clearly negative public relations for the company.[...] Read More...

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    Offshore funding reduced by Australian Banks

    Offshore funding reduced by Australian Banks

    The banking industry is Australia is trying not to be dependent on foreign funds for its operations amidst the uncertain markets abroad. During a tree day Senate inquiry in Canberra, it was declared to expect a benign credit environment which was prominent before the global financial crisis.

    According to the Chief of the Australian Bankers’ Association Steven Munchenberg, there has been a rise in the average cost for funds in offshore markets by about 140-150 basis points since 2007.

    It has been noticed that the banks in Australia has seen drop in their credit ratings to AA-minus due to their dependency on offshore wholesale funding.[...] Read More...

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