• Facebook does it again: Graph Search

    Facebook does it again: Graph Search

    We’ve all done it. Maybe it was looking up a potential job candidate on Facebook before actually meeting her to get a sense of her personality. Or maybe you want to have some talking points before reaching out to that cute guy in your Intro to Cultural Anthropology class. Whatever your reason, Facebook makes it possible to see what music Mr. Cultural Anthro likes and what Ms. Job Interview’s going-out habits are. Facebook stalking has just gotten even easier with the new Facebook Graph Search. Now, search phrases such as “Where have my friends eaten in London?” and “What books are most commonly read among my friends?” will show quick and precise results.

    Too creepy? Well in Facebook’s defense, it’s already pretty easy to access information about pretty much anyone you’re connected to on Facebook—it’s just compiling everything to make for instant gratification. Besides, aren’t we more or less trained to enjoy instant gratification? Who doesn’t love getting a notification? There are few everyday things that make you more excited than seeing that globe in the left corner of the screen light up red. Facebook Graph Search will definitely affect search engines with a social media aspect—namely Bing.

    One of the only differentiating factors divid[...]

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    UNICEF: How to create awareness for underprivilaged-child survival

    UNICEF: How to create awareness for underprivilaged-child survival

    For those who don’t know, the most popular Hispanic singer and song-writer Shakira is expecting a baby For those who don’t know, the most popular Hispanic singer and song-writer Shakira is expecting a baby with famous soccer player, Gerard Pique, and they are hosting an online baby shower to help underprivileged children in conjunction with UNICEF. The method being used by the couple and UNICEF to raise awareness for the survival of infants is inspiring, and serves as a perfect example of how famous people can use their status to help those in need. The announcement of the baby shower has been a success, it was announced by the release of pictures of the couple that have never been seen before, which helped spread the word throughout all social media channels.

    For the fans interested in helping, they can enter the virtual baby shower at the UNICEF site. Fans will be welcomed by a virtual living room and if they decide to donate, they can choose from five “Inspired Gifts” options in the registry. The gifts include a $5 mosquito net to keep mosquitoes away from children and help reduce the number of cases of malaria, which is one of the leading causes of child death, a $10 polio vaccine, a $37 baby scale to help keep track of their growth and to help spot si[...] Read More...

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    How to play: Pen & paper games for more than two

    How to play: Pen & paper games for more than two

    Aim: To communicate a word or phrase through drawing alone

    How to play: Dividing players into teams. The “drawer” on the first team has a minute to sketch as many objects as possible (household objects, places, people, for example), which their teammates must try to identify. Answers must be specific.

    If the team guesses within the minute, they earn a point. Game passes to the next team who repeats the process. Playing enough rounds that everyone gets a chance to draw. This is best when everyone, including the other teams, can see what is being drawn.


    Instead of a noun, try to depict a well-known phrase or saying, as in the dinner party scene When Harry Met Sally (“baby fish mouth” etc.).

    Spice it up

    Rubbish at drawing? Raid your children’s art box and fashion the objects out of Playdough[...] Read More...

  • How can the Stock Market Relieve your Home Loans?

    How can the Stock Market Relieve your Home Loans?

    Nobody likes having to deal with monthly payments. But for things like your house and your car, you have to take on debts. The debts that you owe to your Home Loans can quickly come to dominate your life, and if you miss a payment the consequences can be severe. But all of those debts do not have to ruin your life. Hundreds of people have found relief from their house payments and other debts by successfully investing in the stock market.

    You do not have to be a financial expert to start putting your funds in the stocks, nor do you have to use the services of a brokerage firm. With the many Internet investing outlets that are available nowadays, it is easier than ever to get your money to start working for you.

    But investing in the stock market does not guarantee that you will earn money. If you want to see a return on your funds, you have to invest successfully. So, how do you do that?

    Here are a few tips of the trade for the beginner investor to help ensure that you will get the most out of your investments in the stock market:

    • Research—Making wise investment decisions is not going to be as simple as it sounds. You need to do your homework, first. Start following the news and read through a variety of financial journals to broaden your knowl[...] Read More...

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    How to Find the Best Places to be an Immigrant

    How to Find the Best Places to be an Immigrant

    Here are five best places to be an immigrant.


    14 percentage of its population are immigrants. Ireland is unique in the political rights to noncitizens, which include voting, joining the police force, and running for local office. Although a few incidents of racial harassment have been reported, the backlash has been minimal, and Ireland doesn’t have the far-right nationalist parties that are common throughout the rest of Europe.


    11 percentage of its population are immigrants. Like Ireland, Spain spent decades as an economic basket case, but it is now one of Europe’s best-performing economies, thanks largely to its open-door immigration policy, instituted in the late 1990s. Spain’s thriving construction sector attracts many immigrants, and they increasingly fill the minimum-wage agriculture and service jobs.


    19 percentage of its population are immigrants. The country is running out of workers. Canada’s finance minister recently said that population and labor shortages are Canada’s most pressing economic challenges. One out of seven Canadians is now a senior citizen, and the country’s fertility rate has been below replacement level since the early 1970s. In [...] Read More...

  • How to Get the Best ROI for your Green Renovations

    How to Get the Best ROI for your Green Renovations

    When you think of renovating a home, one of the things that may come to your mind is just how the renovations that you’ve made will affect the resale price of your home. Many homeowners believe that they will be able to get back the amount that they’ve put into renovations once they sell their homes, but in reality, this isn’t always the case. A lot of factors go into determining by how much your renovation project will increase your home’s value, if at all.

    Green renovation, Green Packaging  is very important for a healthy life.

    The first thing to consider is the value of the property itself before renovations. If your home is worth $100,000 and you make $50,000 worth of renovations, it is not likely that you could sell your home for $150,000 later on. The average real estate prices in your area will have a certain effect on the value of your home, no matter what changes you make to it. Even if you invest heavily in the materials that you use to make your home better, potential buyers will be reluctant to purchase a home that is priced significantly higher than other properties in the surrounding area.

    Renovations that have a good return on investment are those that are functional and not purely decorative, because you may not share[...] Read More...

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    How do you think Is it too late for BlackBerry to make a comeback?

    How do you think Is it too late for BlackBerry to make a comeback?

    Almost everyone who used to own a BlackBerry has switched to iPhone, Samsung or other smart-phone. Even companies who have invested in BlackBerry are trying to make a switch to the iPhone 4. RIM just announced the release date of its new BlackBerry model, BlackBerry 10, which will be January 30th. RIM is trying to make a comeback and regain some of the market power it used to have, but do you think it is too late for a comeback?

    BlackBerry has been working on creating features that will improve user experience and incent users to convert back to a BlackBerry. The device will run on a new operating system, which is good news since the last operating system would consistently have tweaks and failures. Some of the improvements include the BlackBerry Hub, an inbox that stores emails, texts, calendar events and BlackBerry Messenger. Also, the predictive text, which is rumored to revolutionized the typing on mobile devices and active frames, which are small customizable widgets on the home screen. For the camara, it has a green focus box, in case the automated focus tool isn’t working and has a time shift picture mode, which can snap a bunch of pictures and create a menu where you can scroll to see the shots. Finally, BlackBerry is FIPS Approved, which means that it ca[...] Read More...

  • How Google Play. Is your Android at risk?

    How Google Play. Is your Android at risk?

    Google has tried to tighten Android’s security, in order to avoid malicious code and malware problems.
    According to TechCrunch, Android now accounts for 75 percent of total smartphone shipments globally. The increase in popularity has caused an increase in malware makers, who are starting to find ways to surpass Goggle’s Play store scanning system. The system, called Bouncer, scans malicious code and includes content policies which developers must adhere to in order to be part of Google Play.

    Recently, Android apps were examined by cyber security vendor Bit9, who released an analysis of the apps and found risky business. According to the study, 72 percent of the 412,000 programs examined, used at least one potentially risky permission from GPS location data, to phone calls or numbers and information on contacts. This doesn’t mean the apps have viruses or malware, but they are doing things that aren’t necessary for the type of app they are, making us question why they would need it for. Other attacks targeting Google Play have been SMS trojans, that generate profit from SMS sending activities without the user’s knowledge, and malicious apps. Downloading third-party apps increases the risk, since they don’t [...] Read More...

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    How the European Debt Crisis Impacts Home

    How the European Debt Crisis Impacts Home

    The United States has been trying to recover and gain some sort of financial stability since the terrible market crash in 2008. The crash did not only affect our nation, but the entire global economy. We hear a lot about the turmoil and chaos in Greece, and its effect on the European continent. Europe’s debt affects us here, across the pond, as well. The Euro debt crisis affects American exports, and in turn, the stock market. With limited to potentially no exports, American manufacturing will take a brutal financial hit.

    Europe’s recession has also caused other parts of the global economy to move at a painfully sluggish pace. China’s recent, and unexpected, slowdown has been traced back to the current troubles in Europe. The global economy slowing down affects American unemployment problems. If global demand was higher, there would be more jobs created everywhere, including here, at home. Fixing the problem in Europe will not only help the rest of the world, but will have a tremendous positive impact at home.[...] Read More...

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    How Does DealDash’s Discount Auctioning Work?

    How Does DealDash’s Discount Auctioning Work?


    DealDash is the newest online competitor for Penny Auctions, and it’s low prices and bidding system lets customers win products at very low prices. How does this work?

    Before you place bids on any item being auctioned, you need to have an account set up, and you need to place down $0.60 from a previously purchased bid pack. These bid packs help fund the DealDash purchase of the highly discounted item. If you don’t win anything, you can get your bid pack payment back.

    All of Deal Dash‘s auctions begin at a price of $0.00. Bids from different individuals only raise it by one cent. Whenever a bid is placed on an item, a short countdown of 30 seconds starts, and any new bid resets the 30 second countdown. When it reaches zero, it automatically goes to the winner. Unlike eBay, bidding rounds are fast and complete within minutes, unlike the weeks you would otherwise have to wait for. Once you win a bid, the item is paid for and DealDash freely ships the product to you.[...] Read More...

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