How to Market Through Forums

Forum marketing can be one of the most powerful ways of branding yourself. Here you will capture the best prospects to secure a pro-active downline. Be sure you do this right!


  1. Fill out your profile as well as possible. The most important tip (if marketing is your main objective) is to make a good forum signature by putting the Web Site Title with their URL given in it.
  2. NOTE: Never put an affiliate or (good Grief) an MLM link. Take the time and initiative to have your own domain/website. Cant afford one, get a free one at Many forum moderators have had it with the spammy methods most MLMers use with drive by shooting advertising.
  3. NOTE: Forum signatures use BBC-code. Use the following free program to easily make a good sig. in BBC
  4. Post an introduction about yourself (NOT a company sales pitch) in the Introduction section (almost every forum has such a section).
  5. Be active in answering questions, welcoming new people posting in the introduction section and ask relevant questions.
  6. Be as helpful as possible. Do not sell your company, sell yourself. If people like you, they will look at the company stated in your signature line.


  • BE SEEN!
  • Be sure to use an avatar (a picture of yourself or a logo). This can be added to your profile and will be shown beside all of your posts. This image will make it easy for people to recognise you and gives them a feeling of knowing you after seeing it all over.
  • Do not use foul language or let your emotions get ahead of you. Be clear about your meanings, but try baseing them on facts.
  • Do not talk badly about other people businesses unless they are proven scams (be humble). In internet marketing, do not make your company look good by talking bad about the competition.


  • Talking bad about other online businesses will only cast a shadow over the whole internet marketing concept (including your business).
  • Making a big debate about someone elses bad business will probably only help that business to get noticed. Post your facts and then let people drown themselves.
  • Check the forum’s rules to see if they have anything about advertising. If you are not permitted to advertise your website, do not.

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