How to Avoid Wasting Time in Marketing Your Business

One of the problems in starting any business is wasting time and money in marketing your business. That includes endless phone calls, Google ads, even videos. Now, the professionals recommend highly using videos to promote business, but there are a couple of steps to take in the process to make sure that your videos are a big success.


  1. Be sincere. Most people can tell a phony a mile away, the shifting eyes, and hasty chatter. Keep the video short and sweet.
  2. Don’t exaggerate or prevaricate. More people are attracted to genuine honesty and factual information than hype. Avoid exaggeration.
  3. Give them the facts. While people may have emotional reasons for making a purchase decision, e.g. in a business opportunity they are thinking about paying their bills, give them factual reasons why this makes sense ‘to you’, i.e. how this pays the bills!
  4. Be up front. People are so tired of the perpetual salesman, the vague suggestions, the unwarranted promises, and fake descriptions, that you will make far more progress by showing them actual benefits.


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