How to Achieve Online Marketing Success During the Holidays

Happy holidays! As we celebrate the holidays, I want to wish each of you the largest ROI with your web marketing campaigns.

Here are a five key web practices to keep in mind:


  1. Know the season: Offer an updated look to your web site (even if temporary). Show that you have the holiday spirit.
  2. Know your customers: Put your customer information to good use. Make sure that your site offers up a dynamic list of products and services that can help your customer locate that special gift for Aunt Susie.
  3. Make the sale easy: Holiday shopping can be a pain so make sure that there are special holiday landing pages developed to make it easier for customers to locate the most popular holiday items. Use last year’s data as a point of reference, but be sure to also know the hottest trends and products.
  4. Make it a steal: Like you, your customers love a great deal. Make sure that there are banners and other highlighted information about new products and savings that might be of interest to that customer. These items should be visible until the sale is completed.
  5. Follow up: Offer the customer a reason to return to your web site. Give them the option to sign up for updates on sales, and new products and services. This will enable you to build and maintain a long term relationship with the customer. Be sure to send the customer a thank you (whether by mail or email) and include a special gift or offer to show just how grateful you really are.
  6. Use these tips throughout the year and design your web site to keep your online customers and website visitors happy.


  • Don’t overdo it – don’t nag your site visitors with the same calls-to-action repeatedly
  • Don’t collect too much information – when collecting visitor information, make forms short.
  • Don’t make the sale too easy – customers like to think they are special. Make all offers have limits. For example, for a limited time only…
  • Made it a steal but not highway robbery – people do believe they get what they pay for so don’t under-price your product/service.
  • Don’t spam – stay in touch with your consumers but don’t overwhelm them with unwanted, uninteresting emails.

Things You’ll Need

  • A creative webmaster with a history of delivering results that matter.
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