How to Understand A Brief History of Digital Marketing

Marketing has been around for a very long time. As long as people have owned businesses, they have also had a need to spread the word about their product or service. In older days, word-of-mouth was the only method by which to advertise and it is still the most reliable form by which to learn about the quality of a company’s wares. When newspapers were distributed, local companies would buy ad space within the pages because they knew that it was really the only source for new information. Digital marketing, though, has become the preferred method in modern times because it utilizes mass media devices like television, radio, and the Internet.

When it comes to digital marketing on the Internet, there are two basic kinds

1) PULL marketing involves a user choosing the kind of information they want. Most often, this is done by search engine whereas the user types in the information they seek and they receive both the information as well as other relevant and related content. This is very easy on the easy as it is simple and quick. It is not, however, efficient, as it is the marketer’s responsibility to ensure the information reaches the user.

2) PUSH marketing involves a relationship between the marketer and the user, usually through a communication means like E-mail, SMS, or RSS. It is fast and more concentrated, but can cost more and is harder to discover outside of direct communication.

The most common online advertising model today is search engine marketing. This is a form of PULL marketing that involves search engine queries. Typically, if you want to market your business, you need to understand how search engines work, as it is the most powerful way to generate sales leads. If you hire a company, like Boston SEO services, they will help you build a campaign that captures this power.

The role of Boston SEO services as internet marketers is to maximize, or “optimize,” the way that search engines find your website. This is done in a variety of ways. First of all, search engines look for keywords, which are the precise words that a user could potentially enter in a search query box. In a quality internet marketing campaign, you will write articles that contain these keywords and describe the related topic in an engaging way. These articles need to be written with total regard for very specific guidelines that have been developed by the search engine directories.

It is very important that you follow the rules when submitting articles to the directories. They reject articles that are “saturated” with keywords, as this is seen as an abuse of the search engine tool. Of course, you also want the articles to contain up-to-date, relevant information that is entertaining and thorough. This is basically the core of search engine marketing. Follow these guidelines or you may have to rewrite your articles. While any good internet marketing campaign involves other key aspects, rest assured that SEO will likely be a large part of it.

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