How to Identify Online Marketing Scams

With the rise in overall popularity of the internet, there are plenty of business owners that are searching online for terms such as internet marketing, online marketing and digital marketing. They are looking for a local company to help them build and promote a website or increase the current customer retention and attraction of their current website. Since there are thousands of businesses competing for consumers’ attention on the internet, internet marketing scams are increasingly common.


But you can easily find a legitimate Boston Online Marketing company if you know what to look for. There are a few warning signs to be aware of when seeking a Boston Search Engine Marketing firm:


  • Companies that claim they have a special relationship with Google, Bing or Yahoo that provides an advantage over the competition.
  • A firm that makes very bold statements or promises unrealistic results, such as claiming that you can get the top ranking in Google for a very competitive keyword in a few days.
  • Agencies that require you to pay a high monthly fee to keep your position in search engines.
  • Internet marketing companies that charge outrageous amounts for simple tasks, such as charging hundreds of dollars to submit your site to a few dozen free business directories.
  • The company claims to be based in your local area, but is reluctant to provide you with a legitimate address.


If you deal with a reputable Boston Web Development specialist, you can avoid many of these problems. You will be able to get the services that you need, such as website development and resulting web traffic at reasonable prices.


If you own a local business, it is always best to deal with a local Boston online marketing company when building your online presence. Not only will you support the local economy, but dealing with a local company has various advantages. For example, it will be easier for you to verify that you are dealing with a qualified and legitimate company, opposed to a “business” that is operated from a student’s basement. Local companies are also more in touch with the issues and realities that businesses in the Boston area are facing. Therefore, they are more likely to offer practical online marketing solutions for small businesses seeking to attract local customers rather than offer solely nationwide expertise and international marketing campaigns.

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