How to Choose the Right Kind of Web Hosting

Building a website is an important part of marketing your business on the internet, as this will be the main point of contact that your clients will have with you in the online world. For the site design itself, you can either do things yourself or use a Boston Website Development company to put together a site for you. However, the first thing you must do in order to start your online presence would be to select a web host. Your web hosting provider is where your site will be based on, so it is important that you do a right choice. Otherwise, you may end up having a lot of problems that could have been easily avoided.

You may have seen some free web hosting services and may have been tempted to use them. Don’t. Most of these will put ads on your site, which will just make it look unprofessional. Even free hosting companies that don’t put any ads on their clients websites don’t provide the best quality in terms of reliability and support if something goes wrong. Any reputable Boston Online Marketingexpert will tell you that free hosting companies are to be avoided.

If your site will be a rather basic one, then a shared web hosting service will be your best choice. In this case, you will pay between $4 and $15 per month for your web hosting service. Some companies will require that you pay in advance for one year or more, while others let you select a monthly package. However, monthly service is usually a bit more expensive, but the difference is quite minor, being only a few dollars a month of difference. If you do opt to pre-pay for a year or more, make sure that the hosting company has a good reputation and a satisfaction guarantee.

If you want your website to be an e-commerce solution that allows your customers to order merchandise from you online, then you may want to consider a VPS server instead of regular shared hosting. You will be given a “virtual” server with assigned CPU resources, RAM, disk space and bandwidth to run your site. A VPS server is a lot more secure and reliable than a shared web hosting service and is more suited for applications where you will be receiving a lot of traffic. A Boston SEM company will also be able to help you optimize your site for search engines and install certain scripts and plugins on your site that will make search engine optimization easier. While getting a VPS server is more expensive, the costs are not that much in comparison to other services your business uses each month. Usually, you will pay from $30 to $75 per month for this type of web hosting solution.

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