How to Build a Content Marketing Empire in 3 Steps

According to social entrepreneur and search engine optimization (SEO) expert Neil Patel, content marketing is “the new SEO” in today’s internet marketing environment.  SEO marketing strategies ha
ve been more difficult to effectively implement due to Google’s recent steps toward making certain that only the most authoritative sites top its search results pages.  Content marketing, however, has opened up entirely new avenues of internet marketing.  A company is given tremendous potential for attracting new customers through developing a strong presence on blogs and social media.  With this in mind, businesses should be asking themselves, “How can we put ourselves ahead of the curve in the field of content marketing?”

The answer lies in networking.  Businesses should be allying themselves with non-competing businesses that they share a target audience with.  Allied businesses can then cross-promote each other’s online content and gain customers through each other.  Here are three simple steps to follow when developing your alliance marketing campaign:

  1. Find your allies: Determine which non-competing businesses in your network have customers that fit within your target audience.  Could these businesses benefit from sharing your content with their audience (or having their content shared with yours)?  If so, contact them about partnering up for a marketing alliance.
  2. Create a group or e-mail list to stay organized: Once you have made allies, you need to agree on a way of managing your joint marketing campaign.  One option is creating an email list containing the addresses all of your allies.  You could also create a private Facebook or Google+ group.  Use these tools to communicate with your allies about links you would like them to promote.

Keep track of your results: Keep an eye on the number of likes or retweets your articles are getting and the number of visits to your website.  If your allies have been doing their part, you should see a significant increase in these numbers, which should lead to increased customer sales. 

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